Monday, December 12, 2022

Curly Curve - Curly Curve (1973 germany, stunning hard prog blues rock)

Curly Curve is a German rock band with roots in Berlin founded in 1968. The line-up changed a lot during their life time. In 1973 they gained a contract with Metronome Records.  The mother label of Brain. Eventually they only released one album on Brain in The Golden Era.

It is powerful blues rock with a strong American influence. Good vocals and very good musicianship. They really managed to create a own unique vibe on this album. Sometimes the music flirts with classic rock. 
1. Hell And Booze (Charlie Prince, Chris Axel Klöber) - 4:05
2. I'm Getting Better (Jim Reeves) - 4:44
3. All Things Clear (Charlie Prince, Hans Wallbaum) - 2:20
4. Bitter Sweet (Charlie Prince, Kurt Herkenberg) - 5:59
5. Shitkicker (Charlie Prince, Martin Knaden) - 4:19
6. Dream For Today (Charlie Prince, Chris Axel Klöber) - 4:46
7. Patricia Reprise (Charlie Prince, Kurt Herkenberg) - 3:49
8. Queen Of Spades (Charlie Prince, Chris Axel Klöber) - 4:57

Curly Curve
*Hanno Bruhn - Vocals, Guitar
*Kurt Herkenberg - Bass, Vocals
*Chris Axel Klöber - Keyboards
*Martin Knaden - Guitar
*Hans Wallbaum - Drums