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Robin Lent - Scarecrow's Journey (1971 cuba / us, wonderful acid folk rock)

Robin Lent is a Cuban born US citizen who moved to Netherlands where he recorded and relesead this solo effort in 1971, Robin later joined bands like "Robinson Cruiser" and Max'n Specs accompanied by dutch musicians. He also was part of the Dutch cast of the musical Hair. 

His solo effort "Scarecrow's Journey" is a barely played 1971 recorded on the very short lived UK nepentha record label, and it's an excellent super-rare psych-folk-prog album. 

Future Focus band members Thijs Van Leer and Jan Akkerman (also Brainbox member) play on this excellent rare album, which has become highly sought-after in collector’s circles and the music within is highly regarded by critics and fans alike.
1. Scarecrow's Journey - 3:10
2. My Father Was A Sailor - 3:55
3. Pushboat (Traditional) - 3:32
4. Leaving Since You Came - 2:46
5. Almitra (The Love That Became Us) - 4:41
6. The Sky Has Called Us Out To Dance - 2:46
7. Waiting For The Morning - 3:35
8. Ocean Liner Woman - 2:54
9. Sea Spray - 3:22
10.Speak Softly Now (Lyrics Edwin Shaw) - 1:45
All compositions by Robin Lent except where stated

*Robin Lent - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
*Jan Akkerman - Electric Guitar
*Kees Kranenburg - Percussion
*Jan Hollestelle - Bass
*Tijs Van Leer - Piano, Flute

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