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Joe South - Introspect / Don't It Made You Want To Go Home? (1968-69 us, splendid folk psych bluesy rock)


Atlanta native Joe Souter (a.k.a. Joe South) is one of the unsung heroes in popular music as although a few of his hits peaked in the top 40 in pop and/or country, as noted, mostly other artists had hits with his material.

This CD is an Australian twofer of his first 2 albums originally released on Capitol. Introspect, from 1968, and Don't It Make You Want To Go Home, from 1969. These 2 albums contain many of the most influential songs in all of popular music including pop hits:

#12 "Games People Play," (covered successfully by Freddy Weller, who had a #2 country hit with it), Birds of a Feather (a #96 hit for Joe that became a #23 hit for Paul Revere & The Raiders in 1971), Rose Garden (covered by Lynn Anderson who would take it to #1 on both country and pop charts), Don't It Make You Want To Go Home (which would peak at #27 on the country chart and #41 on the pop chart, which Bobby Bare and a few other artists have covered), Children (a #51 hit which Billy Joe Royal covered on his "Cherry Hill Park" album in 1970, available on a twofer with 1965's "Down In The Boondocks" which is available here at Amazon), Walk a Mile In My Shoes (a #12 pop hit, #56 country hit, which Elvis would later feature in his concerts regularly throughout the 1970s), These Are Not My People (Freddy Weller also charted with this and it peaked at #5 on the country charts), "Hole In Your Soul," a single that got included on the "Games People Play" compilation in the LP days and not on any other album is included as a bonus track.

The entire CD is classic singer-songwriter music and is essential to any collection of music from the 1960s-1970s
by Bradley Olson
Introspect, 1968
1. All My Hard Times - 2:49
2. Rose Garden - 2:47
3. Mirror Of Your Mind - 4:36
4. Redneck - 3:15
5. Don't Throw Your Love To The Wind - 2:50
6. The Greatest Love - 2:28
7. Games People Play - 3:32
8. These Are Not My People - 2:29
9. Don't You Be Ashamed - 3:12
10.Birds Of A Feather - 2:43
11.Gabriel - 7:16
Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home? 1969
12.Clock Up On The Wall - 4:14
13.Bittersweet - 2:41
14.Shelter - 3:10
15.What Makes Lovers Hurt One Another? - 2:35
16.Before It's Too Late - 3:54
17.Children - 3:37
18.Walk A Mile In My Shoes - 3:40
19.Be A Believer - 3:01
20.A Million Miles Away - 4:35
21.Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home? - 3:10
Bonus Track
22.Hole In Your Sole - 3:37
All songs by Joe South

*Joe South - Vocals, Guitar

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