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The Stormsville Shakers - One And One Is The Complete Recordings (1965-67 uk, wonderful mod beat with psych flashes, 2015 issue)

Phillip Goodhand-Tait has had his songs recorded by artists ranging from Gene Pitney to Roger Daltrey and has also fronted a number of bands in his many decades in the music industry.  Cherry Red Group imprint RPM has collected 27 tracks by singer-musician-songwriter Goodhand-Tait, solo and with his bands The Stormsville Shakers and Circus as One and One is Two: Complete Recordings 1965-1967.

Born in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, Goodhand-Tait began his music career while still in his teenage years.  In his new liner notes penned especially for this release, he recalls receiving the sum of five pounds for assembling a five-piece band to play a dance at the local drill hall in 1960.  After flirting with names The Royphillians, Phil Tone and the Midnighters, and The Vibrants, the group settled on The Stormsville Shakers in 1961. The band, fronted by Goodhand-Tait on piano, included Paul Demers on drums, Ivor Shackleton on guitar, and Kirk Riddle on bass.  By 1963, the band was earning bookings in central London, with some personnel changes.  

Dick Forcey replaced Paul Demers on drums, and Steve Howard filled out the sound with his saxophone.  By 1965, two new saxophonists had joined the line-up.  Though there had been occasional forays into the recording studio before (including a session with The Yardbirds’ impresario Giorgio Gomelsky), the group was on the cusp of a breakthrough when they recorded Chris Andrews’ composition “Long Live Love.”  As these things happen, though, Sandie Shaw released her version of the song first, which soared to No. 1 in the U.K. and deprived The Stormsville Shakers of a potential hit.

Parlophone took a chance on the band, but it took the band another year to get a record out.  A French EP on the Odeon label also arrived in 1966.  By that time, however, the band’s mod brand of R&B and soul was being slowly replaced by more psychedelic acts.  The Shakers transformed themselves into Circus, and recorded a number of tracks with Mike  D’Abo of Manfred Mann fame.   But as he writes, Goodhand-Tait’s heart wasn’t in the direction music was taking: “Supporting Jimi Hendrix at the Saville Theatre in London finally convinced me that I could not empathize with these latest feedback-laced, guitar-led indulgences.  I knew then, in 1967, that I was a song man…”  And so began his career as a songwriter for groups including Love Affair.

Goodhand-Tait’s early years are chronicled on this comprehensive set which includes his Parlophone and Odeon recordings plus six previously unreleased bonus tracks including the Lennon/McCartney title track.  In addition to writing the liner notes, Goodhand-Tait compiled the set with John Reed and remastering engineer Mark Stratford.
by Joe Marchese
1. I'm Gonna Put Some Hurt On You (Raymond Lewis) - 2:14
2. It's A Lie (Pat Costello, Roger Mealey) - 2:07
3. No Problem (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 2:23
4. What More Do You Want (Z. Z. Hill) - 2:19
5. The Society For The Protection Of Love (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 2:42
6. Gettin' Ready (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 2:13
7. L'amour Se Lisait Dans Ses Yeux (Phillip Goodhand-Tait, Evy) - 2:13
8. Number One (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 2:28
9. You Can't Take Love (Morris Dollison, Monk Higgins) - 2:34
10.J.C. Greasburger (David Sherrington, Kirk Riddle) - 4:29
11.Long Live Love (Chris Andrews) - 2:33
12.I'll Do The Best I Can (Chris Andrews) - 2:36
13.There You Go (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 2:49
14.Do What You Wanna Do (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 3:15
15.Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day) (Harold Logan, John Patton, Lloyd Price) - 2:59
16.One And One Is Two (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 2:06
17.I Feel Good (Live) (James Brown) - 2:42
18.Have You Ever Had The Blues (Live) (Harold Logan, Lloyd Price) - 1:58
19.Turn On Your Love Light (Live) (Joseph Wade Scott, Don Robey) - 3:22
20.Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 3:04
21.Sink Or Swim (Mike D'Abo) - 2:56
22.Do You Dream (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 3:08
23.House Of Wood (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 2:24
24.Yes Is A Pleasant Country (Mel Colins) - 4:07
25.Something To Write About (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 3:28
26.The Patience Of A Fool (Mel Colins) - 3:54
27.Who Will Love Her (Phillip Goodhand-Tait) - 3:28
Tracks 1-4, 11-19 performed by Phillip Goodhand-Tait and the Stormsville Shakers
Tracks 5-8 performed by The Stormsville Shakers
Tracks 9-10 performed by Phillip Goodhand-Tait
Tracks 20-27 performed by Circus

*Phillip Goodhand-Tait - Vocals, Piano
*Alan Bunn - Drums
*Ian Jelfs - Guitar
*Kirk Riddle - Bass
*David Sherrington - Tenor Saxophone
*Peter McGregor - Tenor Saxophone
*Ivor Shackleton - Guitar
*Richard Hobby - Drums
*Tony Hurley - Tenor Saxophone
*Mel Colins - Tenor Saxophone
*David Hurford - Trumpet
*Dirck Forcey - Drums

1969  Circus - Circus
1972  M.O.T.U.S. - Machine Of The Universal Space

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