Friday, September 9, 2022

Thunder Mugs - On The Spot (1969 us, cult garage psych, with fuzz guitar farfisa and melodic vocals, 2000 digipak release)

The Thunder Mugs were an obscure late-'60s band from California that recorded an album's worth of songs for Bill Holmes' All American label. Although the band never released a full album, they did manage a single: "Motion Tree" b/w "Captain Midnight." The band consisted of Dennis Bassetti (bass, vocals), Bob Jonte (drums), Jack Lutz (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), and Jerry Roy (lead guitar, vocals). Composed by Lutz, the music on this album is predominantly soft psychedelic pop with good guitar, a few effects, and a very British sound. 

The material offers good period charm and features a few standout songs that, if released in Britain in 1967, could've easily become hits. This release on Akarma Records was officially licensed from All American and contains the band's entire output of 13 songs. 
by Keith Pettipas
1. Motion Tree - 2:47
2. Sweetwater Roll - 3:33
3. Muffin Man - 2:49
4. Mary Jane - 2:10
5. Figure This - 3:00
6. Captain Midnight - 2:09
7. Lucky Lady - 2:43
8. You For Me To Love - 2:09
9. Mistah Moon Risin' - 2:20
10.Marmalade Lady - 2:20
11.Mr. Z's Backyard - 2:29
12.What Is There Left - 2:29
13.Rooms Of Laughter - 2:29
All songs by Jack Lutz

Thunder Mugs
*Jack Lutz - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Drums, Keyboards
*Bob Jonte - Drums
*Jerry Roy - Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
*Dennis Bassetti - Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals
*Pontak Grote - Tambourine
*Bob Hale - Rhythm Guitar