Thursday, November 19, 2015

January Tyme - First Time From Memphis (1970 us, fine psych rock with west coast aura)

January Tyme was a New York band formed around the in-your-face vocal work of Janis Joplin-wannabe January Tyme. The band consisted of Tyme on lead vocals, keyboards, and percussion; Anthony Izzo on vocals and lead guitar; William Brancaccio on rhythm guitar, vocals, and keyboards; Steve Ciantro on bass; and Allen Cooley on drums and vocals. In 1969 the band released their only album for the Enterprise label, titled First Time from Memphis. 
by Keith Pettipas

"First Time From Memphis" (the ‘Memphis’ reference in the title might imply deep soul or similar), it’s thoroughly enjoyable and should satisfy anyone with a penchant for the more rocking side of the Airplane.
by Richard Falk 
1. Rainy Day Feeling (Steve Ciantro, Valerie Cuccia) - 3:11
2. The Music (Bill Broncachio, Steve Ciantro, Valerie Cuccia) - 3:33
3. Sleepy TIme Baby (Steve Ciantro) - 3:16
4. Ancient Babylon (Anthony Izzo) - 3:50
5. Hold Me Up To The Light (Billy Fox, January Tyme, Justin Tyme) - 4:53
6. Love Is Blind (Bill Broncachio, Billy Fox, January Tyme) - 2:50
7. Are You Laughing (Steve Ciantro) - 2:58
8. Down To The River (Steve Ciantro) - 4:09
9. I Could Never Love You (Anthony Izzo) - 3:32
10.Take This Time (Bill Broncachio, January Tyme) - 2:58
11.Love Surrounds Me (Billy Fox, January Tyme) - 3:23

*January Tyme - Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals
*Allen Cooley - Drums, Vocals
*Steve Ciantro - Bass
*William Brancaccio - Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
*Anthony (Mony) Izzo - Lead Guitar, Vocals

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