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The Millennium - Voices Of The Millennium (1965-68 us, bautiful sunshine psychedelia. 2013 Blu Spec issue, third part of eight discs box set)

The Voices Of Millennium are actually telling us about how some of the band members were spending their time after The Millennium break-up (if there ever was one) towards the end of the decade. Though it might not be as adventurous as it was while they were only just “begin-ining”, these sessions show that they were still spending some quality time together.

Some of the tracks, with an almost baroque country feel, with the kind of a Wilson-ian touch too, like I Still Can See Your Face and Will You Ever See Me, as well as the chamber-psych The Blue Marble, later surfaced on Gary Usher’s sophomore Sagittarius release of the same title, while another easy country piece, Share With Me, graced the sunny side of Curt Boettcher’s Together single.

Along with the Spector-ized opener Come To Me Baby, the ones contributing to the more cheery side of the album, are mostly the songs coming from the pen of Sandy Salisbury, with or without a collaborator.

His Measure Of A Man is another piece of more innocent sounding country, as if done by Herman’s Hermits, Navajo Girl adds a bit of a bubblegummy flavour too, with an additional eastern touch through the sitar solo, while the yummy sounding Gouldman-like Together In The End and Little Lost & Found continue to blow the same bubbles, and Midnight Sun is a piece of popsike Monkee-business.

Hear the Voices Of The Millennium and let yourself be taken back to the “sonic past” … once again!
by Garwood Pickjon
1. Come To Me Baby (Wilson) - 2:44
2. I Still Can See Your Face (Gary Usher) - 3:02
3. Measure Of A Man (Sandy Salisbury) - 2:26
4. Magic Island (Lee Mallory, Curt Boettcher) - 3:14
5. Will You Ever See Me (Gary Usher) - 2:17
6. The Blue Marble (Gary Usher) - 3:01
7. Together In The End (Curt Boettcher, Sandy Salisbury) - 2:33
8. Share With Me (Curt Boettcher, Joey Stec, Gary Usher, Lee Mallory) - 3:12
9. Midnight Sun (Gary Usher, Sandy Salisbury) - 2:09
10.Little Lost And Found (Sandy Salisbury) - 1:56
11.Navajo Girl (Sandy Salisbury, Gary Usher) - 2:33
12.Keep On Dreamin' (AKA There Is Nothing More To Say) (Curt Boettcher, Michael Fennelly, Lee Mallory, Sandy Salisbury) - 2:07

*Curt Boettcher - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Lee Mallory - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Sandy Salisbury - Guitar, Vocals
*Ben Benay - Lead Guitar
*Chuck Girard - Vocals
*Jerry Scheff - Bass
*Gary Usher - Vocals
*Skip - Drums

1967-68  The Millennium - Pieces (2013 Blu Spec)  
1968  The Millennium - Begin (2013 Blue Spec edition)
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