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Lobby Loyde - Obsecration (1976 australia, astonishing hard guitar feast, 2006 digipak remaster)

Lobby Loyde was born John Baslington Lyde on 18 May 1941 in Longreach, Central Queensland, Australia. He passes away from lung cancer with his favourite black Gibson guitar by his side on 21 April 2007 at Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Her mother was a classically trained pianist, and his father was a jazz trumpeter as a teenager he joined them in country town performances in outback Queensland. He attended Moorooka State School with young Billy Thorpe and both were, bullied in the Queensland state school system. Down the path, they would meet again through music and friendship.

Mick Hadley and Bob Dames both originally came from England and both decided to migrate to Australia in 1963. They both formed a rhythm and blues band The Impacts in Brisbane, Queensland with Scottish-born Fred Pickard including local musicians Barry Lyde from Stilettos and Adrian Redmond in 1964.

Lobby Loyde’s second solo album, Obsecration was released in May 1976 with Rainbird. One thing is certain his beautiful, at times heavy yet always unique psych-rock guitar work is the main feature throughout. With a solo single, Do You Believe in Magic? / Love Lost on Dream Tides in December 1975. Digitally remastered Obsecration is packaged in a 6-panel digipak and has 6-bonus tracks and many rare photos with liner notes. Re-issued on 28 August 2006 with Aztec Records.

Featuring an incredibly eclectic and diverse assortment of music, all up a magnificent album of guitar explorations and textures, a thematic collection of riffs, runs, rhythms and timing shifts taking the listener through a wide range of moods and styles. If anything, it lacked a commercial focus but as we’ve seen Loyde was well and truly beyond working within commercial considerations at the time. One thing is certain: his beautiful, at times heavy yet always unique psych-rock guitar work is the main feature throughout. 
1. Obsecration Parts A to D - 17:30
.a.Play My Guitar
2. A Rumble With Seven Parts And Lap Dissolve - 5:12
3. Rock And Roll Sunset - 1:58
4. Lobby Loyde Dreamtide - 14:42
5. Goin’ To Louisianna - 7:46
6. Congratulateonies - 0:47
7. Do You Believe In Magic - 3:58
8. Love Lost On Dream-Tides - 4:25
9. Gypsy In My Soul - 5:47
10.Too Poor To Die - 4:30
11.Desperate For A Quid - 2:21
12.Fist Of Is - 9:55
.a.At The Colosseum
.b.The Fist Falls
All compositions by Lobby Loyde
Tracks 1-6 from "Obsecration" LP 1976
Tracks 7-8 from 45' Single, 1975
Tracks 9-12 from Previously Unreleased from " Too Poor To Die" EP

*Lobby Loyde - Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Bass 
*James D. Thompson - Drums 
*Graham Morgan - Drums 
*Janis Miglans - Bass
*John (Deysey) Dey - Keyboards
*Paul Dixon - Sax, Clarinet
*Andrew Fordham - Acoustic, Electric Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
*Mandu - Vocals 
*Art Redbourne - Guitar, Vocals 
*Cypra Helmer - Manic Voice Of Despair

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Milton Carroll - Milton Chesley Carroll (1972 us, great country swamp blues folk rock, 2018 korean remaster)

Great influence from Fred Neil, Milton Chesley Carroll is a minor folk/swamp rock singer-songwriter from Waxahachie, Texas. This debut work was recorded in New York after the single "Hippie From Mississippi" under the Name Chesley Carroll became a big hit on local radio stations. 

His funky, bluesy songs include covers of Elton John's "Country Comfort," Jesse Winchester's "Yankee Lady," and  "Love Of The Common People," written by John Hurley and Ronnie Wilkinsas well as originals that are as good as these. 

A soulful country blues masterpiece sung with husky vocals. ``Sweet Country Music'' written by Tony Lordi, who was a staff writer at RCA at the time, is also interesting. Eric Weissberg on dobro and steel guitar, which determined the swamp flavor of this album, guitarist Jerry Friedman who also wrote "Don't Cry My Lady", Pat Rebiliot on keyboards, Tony Levin on bass, Steve Gadd on drums, etc. A lot of people are participating in the session.
1. It'll All Come Down In Time (Cowboy Toni Lordi, Milton Carroll) - 3:55
2. Love Of The Common People (John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins) - 3:46
3. Highway Song (Jorma Kaukonen) - 3:59
4. A Thousand Shades Of Grey (Milton Chesley Carroll) - 3:27
5. Country Comfort (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) - 3:20
6. Yankee Lady (Jesse Winchester) - 3:54
7. Don't Cry My Lady (Jerry Friedman) - 3:18
8. Sweet Country Music (Cowboy Toni Lordi) - 3:46
9. Potters Field (Milton Chesley Carroll) - 2:47
10.Seventh Son (Willie Dixon) - 6:12

*Milton Carroll - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Jerry Friedman - Acoustic, Electric Guitars
*Eric Weissberg - Dobro, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
*Pat Rebillot - Piano, Electric Piano, Organ 
*Tony Levin - Bass (Tracks 1,4,7,10)
*Steve Gadd - Drums (Tracks 1,4,7,10)
*Bob Daugherty - Drums, Bass (Tracks 2,3,5,6)

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Nine Days' Wonder - Nine Day's Wonder / Only The Dancers (1971/74 germany, excellent psych prog glam krautrock, 2003 remaster)

Walter Seyffer founded the group Nine Days' Wonder as early as 1966. Four years later the line-up was: Walter Seyffer (lead vocals, drums, percussion), John Earle (sax, flute, guitar, vocals, from Ireland), Rolf Henning (guitar, piano), Karl Mutschlechner (bass, from Austria!) and Martin Roscoe (drums, from the UK). They recorded their first album NINE DAYS• WONDER in the Dierks Studio, January 1971 with the Hauke & Dierks team. 

This was a fine example of more bizarre German progressive rock, clearly inspired by King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Soft Machine, Traffic, Family and Deep Purple. They presented long, complex suites of heavy progressive riffing, jazz fusion, large amounts of free improvisation, neck-breaking shifts of tempo and general insanity on tracks like, "Morning Spirit" and "Stomach's Choise" A fine achievement, if a little difficult to get into. 

The original German issue of the album came in a green foam-rubber cover designed by Walter Seyffer. lt surely qualifies for the top ten list of the craziest sleeve designs ever made! John Earle's talented sax and flute work was particularly notable. When the original Nine Days' Wonder disbanded in 1972, he went to England and joined Gnidrolog (you can hear him on the classic album Lody Lake). Martin Roscoe drummed for a while in 2066 & Then. Seyffer joined Michael Bundt's band Medusa. In December 1972 this band suddenly turned out to be the new Nine Days' Wonder: Seyffer (vocals, percussion), Bundt (bass), Hans Frauenschuh (guitar), Freddie Münster (sax, keyboards) and Karl-Heinz Weiler (drums). 

In July 1973 they recorded WE NEVER LOST CONTROL, which, understandably, was totally different to the 1971 album: a ,straighter' progressive rock album comparable to other Hauke productions like Epsilon, Nektar or Message. In 1974, Nine Days' Wonder went through further changes, ended up as a quartet at last, consisting of Seyffer, Bundt, Rolf Henning (guitar, bass) and Sidhatta Gautama (drums). They recorded ONLY THE DANCERS in September 1974 in England with the guests Dave Jackson (sax, flute, from Van den Graaf Generator) and Steve Robinson (keyboards, ex-2066 & Then). This was much more a straight rock song oriented album, with tuneful and sophisticated compositions.
1. Fermillion (Walter Seyffer, John Earle, Rolf Henning, Karl Mutschlechner, Martin Roscoe) - 15:48
2. Moss Had Come (Walter Seyffer, John Earle, Rolf Henning, Karl Mutschlechner, Martin Roscoe) - 3:27
3. Apple Tree (Walter Seyffer, John Earle, Rolf Henning, Karl Mutschlechner, Martin Roscoe) - 6:45
4. Drag Dilemma (Walter Seyffer, John Earle, Rolf Henning, Karl Mutschlechner, Martin Roscoe) - 12:47
5. Long Distance Line (Walter Seyffer) - 5:21
6. Only The Dancers (Walter Seyffer) - 3:01
7. It's Not My Fault (Rolf Henning, Walter Seyffer) - 4:34
8. Frustration (Walter Seyffer) - 2:52
9. Hovercraft Queen (Michael Bundt, Walter Seyffer) - 3:40
10.Time Is Due (Walter Seyffer) - 5:40
11.The Way I'm Living (Walter Seyffer) - 5:41
12.Moment (Michael Bundt, Walter Seyffer) - 8:01 
Tracks 1-4 from "Nine Days' Wonder" LP 1971
Tracks 5-12 from "Only The Dancers" LP 1974

Nine Days' Wonder
*Walter Seyffer - Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Effects
*John Earle - Vocals, Tenor, Soprano Saxophones, Flute, Guitar
*Rolf Henning - Guitar, Piano
*Karl Mutschlechner - Bass
*Martin Roscoe - Drums
*Martin Lil - Viola
*Rolf Henning - Guitars
*Michael Bundt - Bass
*Siddartha Gautama - Drums
*Steve Robinson - Keyboards
*Walter Seyffer - Vocals
*David Jackson - Wind
*Steve Robinson - Keyboards

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Rhubarb's Revenge - Confessions Of A Big Lanky Dope (1973 us, fine basement folk psych, Gear Fad release)

The band that could not decide on a name. Or a favorite beer. The 1973 long player created by founding members, Greg Shuss, Chris Breetveld, Rob Rothschild, Rich Larsen, Bil DiMartino and contributing quests Mike Rothkopf, Mick Parmenter and Shotzie the wonder hound, is today considered highly collectable. That is, in fact, an understatement. In fact Phone Calls have been received inquiring on the whereabouts of desired copies of "The Album-Rhubarb's Revenge or Confessions Of A Big Lanky Dope (Pink Grass Records LPS827). 

Released in fall of 1973, this record is an eclectic mixture of bizarre originals and classy covers of The Move, Kinks, Zombies and Byrds, all recorded at Chris Breetveld's home Pink Grass Studios in Kendall Park, New Jersey USA One hundred copies were pressed. Another hundred copies were rumored to have been chopped up, rolled up, and smoked by the members of the band. Recorded mainly on Sony 2 track reel to reel decks and bounced tracks between these machines to stack up (meaning: make even worse) the performances. This was a year before their beloved Teac 4 track came into being. Thereafter it was holy hell on music as we knew vit With an impreciseness never before allowed out of a house, a musical sensibility that can only be described as flaccid, and a complete ineptitude for playing even basic musical parts these friends would gather almost every evening, after Shuss and Rothschild finished their second shift jobs, at studio du Pink Grass Passing by Breetveld's parents watching the 11:00 news, dad Jim would invariably greet the lads with "Happy New Year, boys!" each1, as handfuls of beer were carried into the addition room at the far end of the house from the other bedrooms-allowing the boys to experiment and howl late into the night. 

Secluded back in Pink Grass, the tape deck would be fired up and the "c'mon lads, pick up something and let's make some noise!" could be heard faintly through the Kendal Park evening stiffness with only the rare, occasional interrupting knock on the door at 3AM and the "you've got to be fucking kidding!" speech from Mom or Dad Breetveld in ps So anyway, after months of recording all kinds of stuff, Mr. Breetveld St. announces that the family was going to INDIA for a five year stint related to his UNICEF position. (See Peter Ustinov or Danny Kaye bios). "Well, geee thought the group. how can we all have copies of at this marvelous shit we been recording since Chris is taking the tape deck and all the tapes with him? Hmmmm. Let's see how much it will cost to have 5 or10 copies pressed onto vinyl for all to enjoy." It turned out to cost the same to press 100 as it would for 10, So, What The Heck? Thusly, a classic, limited edition was born, although several songs had to be trimmed to fit the time limitations of LP Happily, mor most of these deleted pieces are back, included on this re-issue as bonus tracks. The first music biz person to turn down the band was a chap in Denmark St, London who was the publisher for Marc Bolan and T-Rex and other notable acts at the time. It was Chris' first stop on the way to India to spend a week in London, last week of August 1973. Following the lyrics of the Kink's song. "Denmark Street (terally), he first found Tottingham Court Row (just 'round the comer from old Soho..") and very excitedly shopped" the test pressing he brought with him. The next morning said chap handed the acetate back with sweat pouring down his face, simply saying "I don't think this is exactly what we're looking for Thank you very much and good luck. And then ran into the bathroom (the WC) In New Delhi, where the first actual band with Breetveld performed under the name "Porky Roadapple, the Indians were similarly perplexed with this new American music.

Back in the States, the Road Apples continued experimenting with new beers and ways to avoid both employment and the draft. Success abounded, except for Rich Larsen who teamed up with an exchange student (Saddam somebody) and joined the Navy Returning to the US of A eleven months later, the Breet re-teamed with Shuss, Rothschild and the "Italian Scallion Dino D. Martino for some 'serious' recording. The breathtaking Send Money resulted from the new recordings. This time it was all original compositions with only one or two covers. Lucky for the covers Copies of "The Album" continued their individual journeys around the world and back to this day. Record collectors began calling Breetveld and Shuss who were very busy with their latest scam, The Breetles, the over-the-fab-four power-pop sensation. Offers started coming in for original copies of "Rhubarb's Revenge from all over. Explaining that they were "scattered to the wind" or "doing time in Folsom" was not enough to satisfy the need for this jaw breaking record. Finally, a deal was made with Gear Fab to bring this twenty six year old regional classic back to life. 

Here, you have it and don't come crying because it didn't include the Big Lanky Dope beer can opener, popular in the seventies before pop-tops Other Road Apples classics include (besides the progressive rock out-there absurdity, "Send Money 1974), the pop & whack of "Pet Waint (1976), and Chris' rock opera/musical/ last ditch bid for attention, "The Panchilla Gorilla (1979) the story of two guys (Seed & Chillum) search for the perfect "high". That album was recorded on a Teac 4-track at home and in a "real" 8 track studio. Can You tell the difference? Go To: to check out The Breetles and for more on Rhubarb's Revenge, Road Apples and all Pink Grass related stuff.
by Clark Dick, March 15, 1999
1. Intro - Man To Man (Rich Larsen) - 3:05
2. Time Of The Season (Rod Argent) - 3:45
3. Victoria (Raymond Douglas Davies) - 3:37
4. Mr. Spaceman (Roger McGuinn) - 3:00
5. Words Of Aaron (Michael Rothkopf) - 6:05
6. Lonely (Jeff Lynne) - 1:07
7. Tomorrow Begins Today (Christopher Breetveld) - 4:55
8. When I Feed My Prize Hog (Christopher Breetveld, Gregory Shuss, Michael Carlos Parmenter) - 1:04
9. Nice Spot In The Dark (Christopher Breetveld) - 6:20
10.Avon Girl (Christopher Breetveld, Gregory Shuss) - 3:44
11.2000 Man (Keith Richards, Mick Jagger) - 2:56
12.Prize Hoggies #2 (Christopher Breetveld, Michael Carlos Parmenter) - 1:13
13.Ohio (Neil Young) - 3:14
14.Road Apple Jammies (Christopher Breetveld, Gregory Shuss, Michael Carlos Parmenter) - 1:11

Rhubarb's Revenge
*Christopher Breetveld - Guitars, Drums, Piano, Bass, Flute 
*Gregory Shuss - Piano, Vibes, Noises
*Robert Rothschild - Drums, Congas, Refrigerator
*Richard Larsen - 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Bass
*Michael Rothkopf - Acoustic Guitar
*William Dimartino (Dino) - Drums, Pasta
*Michael Carlos Parmenter. Voice 
*Rene Roques - Acoustic Guitar, Violin 
*Halbert Horatio Ketofsky - Bass, Sax 
*Stephen Stein - Voice
*Christopher Zaic - Lead Guitar 
*Funky Eddie - Percussion

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Various Artists - Sometimes I Wonder (The Psychedelic Pop Sound Of President) (1967-71 uk, splendid beat psych, 2004 remaster)

Whilst it could never lay claim to being a front-runner of the British psychedelic movement, President Records was nonetheless quick to respond to changing musical tastes when it was launched into the heady midst of swinging London in 1966. In keeping with other independents at the time, President's autonomy allowed it to experiment freely with new artists and saw the label expand into areas which nowadays might be termed Psych Pop. And whilst it's true that President's major successes both at home and abroad were with artists like the Equals, Dorothy Squires and the Symbols, many of its more left-field releases are now beginning to enjoy the recognition which eluded them first time around.

Currently enjoying something of a revival on the collectors' circuit, UK Psych Pop has never been more popular. Eagerly awaited by fans of the genre, Sometimes I Wonder has been carefully compiled with collectors in mind and draws together the cream of President's Psych Pop recordings, most of which have never been released on CD up until now. Comprising both single cuts and rare album tracks Sometimes I Wonder takes the listener on a magical mystery tour through the President vaults, via its offshoots Jayboy and Gemini. Here then are 27 gems by the likes of the Explosion, Rhubarb Rhubarb, Chords Five, Pure Gold, Barbara Ruskin, the Exception, Rick Price & Mike Sheridan, all ranging in eccentricity from the melodic day-tripper pop of the Symbols' Again to the all-out psychotic reaction that is the She Trinity's Climb That Tree.

Expertly compiled by David Wells and bursting with rare memorabilia and photographs, Sometimes I Wonder is essential listening for all Psych Pop devotees.
Marmalade Skies
Artists - Title - Composer
1. Hat And Tie - Finding It Rough (Chris Thomas, Patrick Campbell-Lyons) - 2:50
2. Rhubarb Rhubarb - Rainmaker (Peter Smith, Phil Chilton) - 2:40
3. The Explosive - Cities Make The Country Colder (Tom Northcott) - 3:11
4. Chords Five - Some People (Graham Gouldman) - 2:12
5. The Exception - Don't Torture Your Mind (Roger Hill) - 2:46
6. The Symbols - Again (John Milton, Mick Clarke) - 1:57
7. The Explosive - (Who Planted Thorns In) Miss Alice's Garden (Tom Northcott) - 2:39
8. Sheridan And Rick Price - Lightning Never Strikes Twice (Mike Tyler, Rick Price) - 2:37
9. The Gass Company - Nightmare (Bill Hurd) - 2:54
10.The Cape Kennedy Construction Company - The First Step On The Moon (R. Kelton, Barbara Ruskin) - 4:40
11.Rhubarb Rhubarb - Moneylender (Peter Smith, Phil Chilton) - 2:40
12.The Symbols - (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up (Pete Andreoli, Phil Spector, Vini Poncia) - 2:48
13.The She Trinity - Climb That Tree (Al Hodge, Dick Bland, Richard Leigh, Roger Dell, Steve Cotton, Tony Priest) - 3:35
14.The Exception - Woman Of The Green Lantern (Alan James Eastwood) - 2:49
15.Sheridan And Rick Price - Sometimes I Wonder (Mike Tyler, Rick Price) - 2:41
16.Barbara Ruskin - Pawnbroker Pawnbroker (Barbara Ruskin) - 2:13
17.Pure Gold - Fairground (D. Reid, Kerry Minnear) - 2:34
18.Brian Poole And The Seychelles - Send Her To Me (Alan Dickinson, Chris Hayward, John Bosher, Phil Dillon) - 2:40
19.The Seychelles - Baker's Daughter (Alan Dickinson) - 3:02
20.Rick Price - Daisy Farm Park (Rick Price) - 2:30
21.The League - Hey Conductor (Sonny Flaharty) - 2:34 
22.Yellow Taxi - Anna Laura Lee (Barbara Ruskin, Len Praverman) - 2:25
23.The Exception - Jack Rabbit (Alan James Eastwood) - 1:55
24.The Explosive - Step Out Of Line (Russ Harness) - 3:05
25.Rick Price - Talking To The Flowers (Jacqueline Ertel, Terry Slater, Venetia Stevenson) - 2:22
26.Sheridan And Price - Lamp Lighter Man (Mike Tyler, Rick Price) - 2:56
27.The Cape Kennedy Construction Company - Armageddon (D. Baker) - 4:29

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Sid Bradley - Child Of The Sea (1971-79 us, fantastic power pop guitar rock with paisley underground scent, 2021 release)

Lost and found studio recordings (1971-79) by US singer-songwriter Sid Bradley including some of the sought-after 45 sides released with his band Erik in the early '70s plus fabulous previously unreleased tracks. Pro-sounding sound, ranging from fuzzed-out psychedelic hard-rock to psych-pop and proto-power pop. 

A phenomenal and versatile songwriter (he has written hundreds of songs) Sid Bradley started to play in garage bands like The Cavaliers in the '60s and by the early '70s he was part of Erik, a group responsible for a couple of self-produced 45s, Child Of The Sea/Nothing Is Easy and Sometime In Your Life/Rebel Woman. These 45s were usually used for promo purposes and it was typical of Sid to load a few record boxes into his car and travel hundreds of miles, visiting all the radio stations, trying to pitch his music to the DJs. This one-man marketing operation actually worked fine, as Sid's music was played in radio stations across the eastern US, Canada, England, and even Germany. And some of his songs were reviewed in Billboard, Record World or Rolling Stone. 

You may be familiar with the hard-psych sounding "Child Of The Sea" as it has been included on several psych comps and it was also part of the Lodge 49 soundtrack. The flip, "Nothing Is Easy" wouldn't sound out of place on any Rubbles volume. "Rebel Woman" is now considered a proto-metal cult classic and it was recently included on the Brown Acid series. After the demise of Erik, Sid continued recording his songs using different musicians. 

Most of these tracks remained unreleased until a few years ago, when Sid, encouraged by the interest on his old Erik 45s, decided to remaster them and put them available on several digital only albums that caught the attention of mags like Shindig! Guerssen Records now present a selection of those tracks. Master tape sound and insert with liner notes by Sid Bradley and Paul Osborne (Shindig!); also includes download code."... a gifted singer-songwriter with a love for late '60s songcraft and the more muscular powerpop of '70s contemporaries like The Raspberries" 
by Paul Osborne 
1. Child Of The Sea - 2:22
2. Rebel Woman - 2:57
3. Rows On Rows - 4:29
4. Grab All The Night - 3:14
5. Don't Go Away - 2:57
6. I'll Be Going - 2:30
7. Nothing Is Easy - 2:51 
8. To Be Your Friend - 2:36
9. Azure Blue - 2:56
10.Waiting For The Sun - 2:21
11.Meant For You - 3:33
12.Victory - 2:31
Words and Music by Sid Bradley

*Sid Bradley - Vocals
*Mike Frakes - Drums
*Kelly Fowler - Guitar
*Chris Reese - Bass
*Rick Howard - Bass
*Jeff Wahler - Bass
*Don Lockridge - Guitar 
*Kenny Hayden - Drums 

Thursday, April 11, 2024

West Bruce And Laing - Why Dontcha (1972 canada / uk / us, power trio, hard bluesy classic rock, 2012 remaster)

Bassically, this is Mountain with layers of Cream in between. When Mountain crumbled, Jack Bruce replaced his former Cream associate Felix Pappalardi in the middle of Leslie West and Corky Laing. West, of course, was one of rock’s best guitarslingers and a solid blues vocalist to boot, but a strange sight to behold. The best that can be said of Laing is that he’s a better singer than Ginger Baker and a better drummer than Peter Criss. Add to that one eccentric English heroin addict, and you’d think that Why Dontcha would be ripe for disaster. Instead, the album continued Mountain’s winnings ways, entering the US Top 40 and generating enough interest for a followup and a live album.

Now, my interest in the trio really begins and ends with Bruce. West clearly has a boatload of talent, but the only song of his that connects with me on a deep level is “Love Is Worth The Blues.” The songs from Jack Bruce, on the other hand, are never less than interesting. I thought Harmony Row was brilliant if a bit strange, and the same genius is evident on “Out Into The Fields” and “Pollution Woman.” Bruce’s bass playing continues to be completely over the top–a holdover from the days of wine and Cream. He comes off the hinges at the end of “Third Degree,” and you don’t know whether to be amazed or appalled.

Honestly, without the Pappalardi connection, Bruce probably wouldn’t have set foot on this mountain. But he did, and gained a great guitarist in the bargain. Or, from another perspective, Mountain gained an erratic but entertaining star to pin on their power trio pedigree. Either way you look at it, West, Bruce & Laing is too interesting a combination to ignore. The end result is sort of CCR meets Cream without an obvious hit in sight, but with enough energy to make up for it.
by Dave Connolly, September 7, 2018
1. Why Dontcha - 3:04
2. Out Into The Fields (Pete Brown, Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing) - 4:41
3. The Doctor (Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing, Sue Palmer) - 4:29
4. Turn Me Over - 2:45
5. Third Degree (Eddie Boyd) - 5:16
6. Shake Ma Thing (Rollin Jack) - 3:14
7. While You Sleep - 3:24
8. Pleasure (Pete Brown, Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing) - 4:02
9. Love Is Worth The Blues - 4:12
10.Pollution Woman (Pete Brown, Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing) - 4:28
All titles by Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing except where stated

*Leslie West - Guitar, Vocals (Tracks 1, 3, 6, 7, 9), Dobro (Track 7), Violin Guitar (Tracks 7, 9), Acoustic Guitar (Track 10)
*Jack Bruce - Bass, Vocals (Tracks 2, 5, 6, 8, 10), Piano (Tracks 2, 5, 6, 7, 8), Harmonium (Track 2), Organ (Track 2), Harp (Track 4), Acoustical Bass (Tracks 4, 7), Backing Vocals (Track 6), Choir (Track 7), ARP Synthesizer (Track 10), Acoustic Guitar (Track 10)
*Corky Laing - Drums, Vocals (Track 4), Rhythm Guitar (Track 7)

1971  Jack Bruce - Harmony Row (Bonus tracks edition)

Dr. John, The Night Tripper - Remedies (1970 us, awesome dixie jazz voodoo psych, 2017 remaster)

Managerial problems – Dr John has had a few. One adviser encouraged him to spend time in a mental hospital to get out of a drug conviction – the part-finished Remedies comes from this insane period. Contains the 17-minute prison reform polemic, “Angola Anthem”.

“My managers put me in a psych ward. These guys were very bad people – I had gotten busted on a deal, and they got me bonded out of jail, and so when they did I could have got a parole violation. All of this stuff was so unconnected to music that it’s hard to relate it. A friend of mine had just come out of doing 40-something years in Angola [the infamous Louisiana State Penitentiary], he was just someone special in my heart – called Tangleye. And Tangleye says, ‘I’m gonna sell you this song. Got it in Angola, but ain’t nobody ever cut this song…’ Even now guys I know getting out of Angola know this song. It’s still a horrible place to be. They feed people every 10 days or whatever.

“And that’s why I cut this song: I got a friend doing 300 years in one of these satellite penitentiaries, he got high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver, he don’t get no medication. People have no idea what it’s like in a cell when it’s just you, and they feed you whenever they feel like it. One of these guys told me, ‘You can taste the food before you eat it.’ And they stretch it too with the rats and whatever other critters these guys have as pets.”
by Tom Pinnock, 15th June 2012
1. Loop Garoo - 4:42
2. What Comes Around (Goes Around) - 2:58
3. Wash, Mama, Wash - 3:43
4. Chippy, Chippy - 3:34
5. Mardi Gras Day - 8:17
6. Angola Anthem - 17:37
All songs by Mac Rebennack

*Dr. John "Mac Rebennack" - Vocals, Piano, Guitar
*Cold Grits - Guitars, Bass, Drums
*Jessie Hill - Backing Vocals, Percussion
*Shirley Goodman - Backing Vocals
*Tami Lynn - Backing Vocals 

Related Acts

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Ronnie Hawkins - The Hawk (1971 us, remarkable roots 'n' roll country folk blues rock feat Duane Allman, 2011 edition)

For 1971's "The Hawk", Hawkins travelled to Florida to Atlantic’s South Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida for sessions with the Dixie Flyers.  He retained Allman’s services as well as those of Donald “Duck” Dunn (bass), Charlie Freeman (guitar), Jim Dickinson (piano/guitar), Mike Utley (organ), Sammy Creason (drums) and the Memphis Horns under Tom Dowd’s watchful eye.  

Despite the change in locale, the same spirit pervades this album, which is similarly filled with pure rock-and-roll rave-ups and well-selected covers by writers like Tim Hardin (“The Lady Came From Baltimore,” “Black Sheep Boy”), Roy Orbison (“Ooby Dooby”), Charlie Rich (“Lonely Weekends”) and even Paul Simon (“Leaves That Are Green”).
by Joe Marchese, August 17, 2011

Ronnie Hawkins, Arkansas native and Canadian transplant died May 29th, 2022, after a long illness. 
1. Don't Tell Me Your Troubles (Don Gibson) - 2:14
2. Sick And Tired (Chris Kenner, Dave Bartholomew) - 2:47
3. Lonely Weekends (Charlie Rich) - 2:24
4. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Granville "Stick" McGhee) - 3:10
5. Red Rooster (Willie Dixon) - 2:31
6. Ooby Dooby (Dick Penner, Wayde Moore) - 2:08
7. The Lady Came From Baltimore (Tim Hardin) - 2:38
8. Leaves That Are Green (Paul Simon) - 2:05
9. Patricia (Ronnie Hawkins) - 3:06
10.Odessa (Jacqueline Magill, Ronnie Hawkins) - 3:20
11.Treasure Of Love (Joe Shapiro, Lou Stillman) - 2:28
12.Black Sheep Boy (Tim Hardin) - 3:03

*Ronnie Hawkins - Vocals
The Dixie Flyers
*Jim Dickinson - Piano, Acoustic Guitar
*Mike Utley - Organ
*Charlie Freeman - Electric, Acoustic Guitars
*Sammy Creason - Drums
*Duane Allman - Electric Guitar (Tracks 2-6, 12), Dobro (Tracks 1,9,10)
*Donald "Duck" Dunn - Bass
*THe Memphis Horns - Horns (Tracks 2,5)

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Group 1850 - Mother No Head Their 45s (1966-71 holland, stunning garage psych, 2012 remaster)

Though they were a product of the beat group age, Group 1850 were the Netherlands’ first progressive band — in every sense of that word. Constantly changing, constantly evolving, Group 1850 were musical extremists on a do-or-die mission to explode all expectations. Sparks flew, ideas flared, feedback swirled through misty nights, the dead walked, skeletons danced, flies buzzed, mountains fell, words rained fire from angry purple skies. Group 1850 raised all kinds of Hell. My god, were they good.

Although the group made two deservedly revered albums, Agemo’s Trip to Mother Earth (1968) and Paradise Now (1969), some of their best work can be found on their singles, where their borderline insane hyper-creativity was focused into highly-concentrated, radically potent three-minute songs like Misty Night, Mother No-Head, Zero, We Love Live (Like We Love You), Don’t Let It Be (We Have to Do It Now), and the magnificent Have You Ever Heard. 

The A- and B-sides of all their singles can be found on this 2-LP set in their original mono mixes, mastered from the original tapes. A number of previously unreleased demos are also included. Pressed on 180gm vinyl, Mother No-Head: Their 45s comes packaged in a breathtaking gatefold cover with rare archival photos and liner notes by Ugly Things’ 
by Mike Stax 
1. Misty Night - 3:29
2. Look Around - 2:34
3. I Want More (Finger Tips) (Peter Sjardin) - 2:03
4. I Know (La Pensée) - 3:11
5. Mother No-Head - 3:25
6. Ever Ever Green - 3:17
7. Zero - 3:28
8. Frozen Mind - 3:29
9. We Love Live (Like We Love You) - 4:28
10.Little Fly - 4:17
11.Don’t Let It Be (We Have To Do It Now) (Daniel Van Bergen, Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 3:13
12.Sun Is Coming (So We’re Calling You) (Daniel Van Bergen, Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 3:00
13.Fire - 2:30
14.Have You Ever Heard (Daniel Van Bergen, Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 3:34
15.Mother No-Head (Hans van Hemert, Peter Sjardin) - 3:29
16.Mother No-Head - 3:36
17.1.000 Years Before (Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 2:37
18.Dream Of The Future (Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 2:33
19.Sun Is Coming (Daniel Van Bergen, Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 3:06
20.Don’t Let It Be (Daniel Van Bergen, Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 3:08
21.Falling Mountains (Daniel Van Bergen, Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 3:34
22.Liar (Daniel Van Bergen, Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 2:31
23.Dream Of The Future (Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 2:51
24.1.000 Years Before (Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 2:39
Songs written by Daniel Van Bergen, Peter Sjardin except where indicated

Group 1850 
*Peter Sjardin - Vocals, Organ, Flute
*Dien Van Bergen - Guitar, Piano (Tracks 1-10, 15-16) 
*Ruud Van Buuren - Bass (Tracks 5-10, 15-16) 
*Rob De Rijke - Bass, Flute (Tracks 1 - 4) 
*Beer Klaasse - Drums (Tracks 1-10, 15-16)
*Hans Van Hemert - Vocals (Track 5)

*Peter Sjardin - Vocals, Organ, Flute 
*Dien Van Bergen - Guitar (Tracks 11-14, 17 - 24) 
*Dave Duba - Guitar (Tracks 11 - 14, 17 - 24)
*Dolf Geldof - Bass (Tracks 11-14, 17-24)
*Martin Van Duynhoven - Drums (Tracks 11 - 14, 17 - 24)