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Farmyard - Back To Fronting (1972 new zealand, remarkable blend of baroque folk prog fuzzy psych rock)

The second and final album from New Zealand's Farmyard – a record that continues some of the jazzy spirit of their debut, but which also goes into territory that's a bit more rough and raw too! It's almost as if the group were getting their wind a bit more – and finding a way to make a statement that was bolder than before, but still had a quality to set them apart from the rest – plenty of flute and tenor from Andrew Stevens, but mixed with more electric guitar and bass – on a set of tunes that have hard rock appeal, but also plenty of sharp proggy changes! 

After Farmyard disbanded, Tom Swainson joined Wellington underground band Arkastra in February 1972, and Redeye in 1976.
1. All In Your Head (Paul Curtis) - 5:17
2. Me, The Dog, Ma And Dear Old Dad (Rick White) - 2:33
3. Nothing Happening Here (Milton Parke) - 5:10
4. Too Much Wrong (Rick White) - 3:45
5. Feeling Pretty Good (Paul Curtis, Rick White) - 3:30
6. Fantasia (Georg Philipp Telemann, Rick White) - 5:00
7. Looking For A Place (Paul Curtis, Rick White) - 8:27

*Rick White - Bass, Vocals
*Tom Swainson - Drums, Percussion, Harmony Vocals
*Milton Parker - Lead Guitar, Nylon String Guitar
*Andy Stevens - Saxophone, Flute
*Paul Curtis - Vocals
*Rufus Rehu - Piano, Organ
*Wiki Randall - Chorus
*Myra Winners - Chorus

1970  Farmyard - Farmyard 

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