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McKendree Spring - McKendree Spring 3 (1972 us, exceptional folk prog rock)

Folks, there’s nothing like a sleeper. There’s a kinda rush involved in discovering a great album when you aren’t expecting it.

This time it’s electric folk band by the name of McKendree Spring. Michael Dreyfuss’ flaming violin work combined with Fran McKendree’s subtle understating vocals, Marty Slutsky’s lead guitar and Fred Holman’s bass work have created a sound similar to…well…no one I can think of.

It’s Dreyfuss who steals the show on this LP, though, with an excellent “God Bless the Conspiracy,” a tribute to the Chicago Seven. Throughout the track’s nine instrumental minutes the listener is dragged through a bomb sequence, a Star Spangled Banner sequence and a vision of social turmoil…all performed on the violin. A low-keyed masterpiece.
by Cameron Crowe, San Diego Door June 8, 1972  – June 22, 1972
1. Down By The River (Neil Young) - 5:53
2. Fading Lady (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 5:27
3. Flying Dutchman (Michael Dreyfuss, Fran McKendree, Martin Slutsky) - 6:17
4. Heart Is Like A Wheel (Anna McGarrigle) - 3:36
5. Feeling Bad Ain't Good Enough (Michael Dreyfuss, Fran McKendree) - 5:41
6. Hobo Lady (Keith Sykes) - 4:10
7. Oh, In The Morning (Arlo Guthrie) - 4:14
8. God Bless The Conspiracy (Michael Dreyfuss) - 8:37

The McKendree Spring
*Fran Mckendree - Vocals, Guitar
*Fred Holman - Bass
*Dr. Michael Dreyfuss - Electric Violin, Viola, Moog, Arp, Mellotron
*Martin Slutsky - Electric Guitar

1970  McKendree Spring - Second Thoughts

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