Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Arthur Hurley And Gottlieb - Arthur Hurley And Gottlieb (1973 us, pleasant soft folk rock)

Jeffrey Arthur, Neil Gottlieb, and Michael Hurley discovered a common interest in music while they were attending the University of South Florida in the early 1970s. The trio somehow attracted the attention of Clive Davis who signed them to Columbia. Co-produced by Clay Pitts and David Spinozza and recorded in New York with an all star cast of sessions players, the group made their debut with 1973’s cleverly-titled “Arthur Hurley & Gottlieb”. Arthur was responsible for all of the material which was heavily geared to sensitive singer-songwriter and country-flavored moves.

Their first single release was: ”Sunshine Ship”, an Arthur penned classic from the self titled LP. The group recorded 2 albums for Columbia before moving to A&M Records in 1975. No hits followed the “Sunshine Ship release”, and the group broke up pursuing solo ventures. Jeff Arthur went on to become an Addy winning jingle writer and producer for some of the largest advertising clients in the country. 
1. Sunshine Ship - 2:35
2. Time Carousel - 3:29
3. Cruisin' - 2:33
4. She's Got Feelings Too - 2:25
5. Fulton County Fair (Christopher Horrell, Jeffrey Arthur, Michael Hurley, Neil Gottlieb)  - 2:14
6. Hard Times - 3:27
7. Part Of You - 4:17
8. Bobby's Song - 2:58
9. Best Thing To Do - 2:35
10.Traveling Friends - 4:59
All songs by Jeffrey Arthur, except track #5

*Jeffrey Arthur - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Michael Hurley - Keyboards, Bass, Flute, Vocals
*Neil Gottlieb - Violin, Vocals
*Hugh McCracken -  Guitar
*David Spinozza -  Guitar 
*John Troper -  Guitar 
*Robert Dougherty - Bass 
*Russell George - Bass 
*Stu Woods - Bass
*Richard Davis - Acoustic Bass
*Steve Gadd -  Drums
*Rick Marotta -  Drums
*Andy Newmark -  Drums 
*Grady Tate -  Drums 
*Eric Weissberg - Pedal Steel, Banjo 
*George Ricci - Cello
*Ralph McDonald - Percussion
*Corky Hale - Harp
*Hubert Laws - Flute 
*The Tampa Cloggers - Footstompin', Clappin'