Thursday, September 21, 2023

Texas - Texas (1973 us, awesome groovy rural, brass, roots rock)

Texas was put together in August  1974, with Osier, Deaton, Mace Maben and Frank  Gilckin on guitars and Jerry Moore keyboards. But  the roots of the band stretch back through years and  much experience on the part of its members. It had  its origins in a band formed in 1968 by Osier and  Maben in Fort Worth named Courtship. Courtship  lasted three years, culminating in an album for  Capital Records, “Comment ” and a national tour  with Three Dog Night in 1970. In 1971 the band had  signed with Motown and was looking for a new  name. At the same time, Jimmy Vaughn, whom the  Courtship members had known and played with at The Cellar in Fort Worth, had dissolved his group,  Texas, and so Courtship took that as their new name.

Texas recorded with Motown, before moving to LA. A lot of  recording was done, but nothing released. That incarnation of the band broke up in 1973, and the members went their  various ways: Deaton made an album as a singer  for the Lee Pickens group, and Osier and Maben went with a group named Bang where they met Frank Gilckin. Bang did  three albums for Capitol.

In 1974 Maben and  Osier found themselves back in Fort Worth and  without a band and decided to reform Texas. It was a seven- piece band, with a sax and two drums. This group  produced the album, “Texas ” and did another tour  with Three Dog Night. The band didn't last so Maben, Osier and Moore put together with  Deaton and Gilckin  a new band by the same name. 
1. L.A. Lights - 5:47
2. Man Oh Man - 3:44
3. Don't Love Have A Funny Way - 8:15
4. Tough Kid - 4:10
5. Rock 'N' Roll Eyes - 3:59
6. It's You My Love - 3:09
7. Burger King Blues - 7:55
All songs by Michael Maben, Gary Osier

*Michael Maben - Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Gary Miles - Bass
*Wesley Harris - Harmonica, Background Vocals
*Jerry Moore - Piano, Organ, Background Vocals
*Bob Anderson - Saxophone, Horn Arrangements, Background Vocals
*Tony Lee - Drums
*Gary Osier - Drums, Percussion