Thursday, April 6, 2017

M.O.T.U.S. - Machine Of The Universal Space (1972 france / uk, marvelous jazzy prog rock, 2010 remaster)

The only album from the French progressive quartet (including one British member) appeared on the market in 1972, and featured English lyrics sung by Ian David Jelfs former guitarist of the UK prog rock formation Circus (of Mel Collins fame).

This rare album balances between Caravan, Traffic and Brian Augger's Trinity, with dominant and powerful Hammond organ sounds, tight rhythm section, jazzy guitar licks (similar to Allan Holdsworth and Robert Fripp)
1. Let It Get Higher (Ian David Jelfs) - 3:38
2. Summer Song (Ian David Jelfs) - 3:33
3. Ba'Albeck Stone (Philippe Combelle) - 3:37
4. Out In The Open (Ian David Jelfs) - 3:47
5. Green Star (Philippe Combelle, Michel Coeuriot) - 3:19
6. Tiahnanaco Road (Philippe Combelle, Gilles Papiri) - 3:07
7. Aledebarente (Michel Coeuriot) - 4:52
8. Mesopotamie Natale (Gilles Papiri) - 5:38
9. Proxima (Gilles Papiri) - 2:40

*Gilles Papiri - Bass Guitar, Percussion
*Philippe Combelle - Drums, Percussion
*Ian David Jelfs - Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Michel Coeuriot - Organ, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion

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