Friday, August 11, 2023

Anno Domini - On This New Day (1971 ireland, splendid folkish psych classic rock, 2006 digipak remaster)

A pleasant and satisfying set of songs from Anno Domini, a melodic acoustic folk rock outfit formed in 1971 by former Eire Apparent lead guitarist David ‘Tiger’ Taylor. Eire Apparent specialised in heavy rock and toured America with the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967. Anno Domini provided a complete musical contrast. ‘On This New Day’ is a rare work, long sought after by collectors. Influenced by American folk rock, the Irish group featured a lively version of The Byrds’ ‘So You Want To Be A Rock’n’Roll Star’ among the ten album tracks. Other stand out items include a ‘cover’ of Dion’s ‘Daddy Rowlin’ and originals ‘Bad Lands Of Ardguth’ and ‘The Good Life I Have Known’. A single version of ‘Hitchcock Railway’ has been added as a bonus item.
1. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N Roll Star (Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn) - 5:08
2. On This New Day (David Mercer, Kerry Scott) - 1:58
3. Bad Lands Of Ardguth (David Mercer, Kerry Scott) - 3:17
4. Regency Days (David Mercer, Kerry Scott) - 2:53
5. Hitchcock Railway (Don Dunn, Tony McCashen) - 5:13
6. This Good Life I Have Known (David Mercer, Kerry Scott) - 3:13
7. The Trapper (David Mercer) - 2:28
8. Daddy Rowlin (Dion DiMucci, Tony Fasce) - 4:16
9. Five O'Clock In The Morning (Kerry Scott) - 3:07
10.June Tremayne (David Mercer, Kerry Scott) - 3:23
11.Hitchcock Railway  (Don Dunn, Tony McCashen) - 4:31
Bonus Track 11

Anno Domini 
*Dave Mercer - Vocals, Guitar, Bass 
*Kerry Scott - Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion,  
*David "Tiger" Taylor - Guitar, Vocals

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