Friday, April 8, 2022

Chelsea Beige - Mama, Mama, Let Your Sweet Bird Sing (1971 us, powerful brass classic rock)

When the Last Ritual disbanded, Allan Springfield, Kenneth Lehman, John Scarzello and Chris Efthmian together with Earl Ford, Stanford L. James III and Billy Schwartz, formed a new band by the name Chelsea Beige. They signed to EPIC, recorded and released one and only album titled "Mama, Mama, Let Your Sweet Bird Sing", in 1971. 

There's is music in this album. Music to replenish the constant rush of meandering tunes that many new groups perform on their first LP. For this reason this album is worthwhile. Perhaps another attraction here is the addition of brass, which appears to be after the fact but adds to the LP in certain parts. The songs themselves are high energy and have should receive more attraction.
1. Heritage - 5:49
2. Cookers Tease - 3:50
3. Hung On The Line - 4:39
4. Fried Eggs And Bow Legs - 4:22
5. The Frost Is Coming - 3:32
6. With One Hand Tied - 4:07
7. Here And Now - 4:52
8. In Search Of The Hole - 9:08
All songs by Allan Springfield

Chelsea Beige
*Allan Springfield - Vocals, Piano
*Kenneth Lehman - Alto Sax, Clarinet, Backing Vocals
*John Scarzello - Trumpet, Fluegel Horn
*Chris Efthmian - Drums
*Stanford L. James III - Bass
*Billy Schwartz - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
*Earl Ford - Trombone
*Lloyd Michaels - Trumpet
*Dominick Aloi - Trumpet 

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