Saturday, June 12, 2021

Jellybread - Sixty Five Parkway (1970 uk, fine blues rock, Mike Vernon production, 2005 remaster)

Formed at England’s Sussex University by pianist Pete Wingfield, Jellybread was originally completed by Paul Butler (guitar/vocals), John Best (bass), and Chris Waters (drums). In 1969 the quartet secured a recording contract with the exemplary Blue Horizon Records label and although largely unadventurous, their albums offered a highly competent grasp of black music, including both blues and soul. They provided stellar accompaniment on Lightnin’ Slim's London Gumbo and B.B. King in London, but the unit dissolved in 1971 with the departure of Wingfield and Waters. Newcomers Rick Birkett (guitar, ex-Accent) and Kenny Lamb (drums) joined for Back to Begin Again, but Jellybread broke up when the set failed to make commercial headway. However, Wingfield enjoyed success as a solo artist, session pianist, and member of Olympic Runners. 

The band's second album from 1970 that was released on the Blue Horizon label.The band features Paul Butler who later joined Chicken Shack and Pete Wingfield on keyboards and vocals.This is great UK blues rock that sits alongside bands like Sam Apple Pie, Savoy Brown, Head Hands And Feet etc.Contains 3 bonus tracks.
1. Faded Grace (Paul Butler) - 2:59
2. Old Before Your Time (Pete Wingfield) - 7:03
3. Sally Hotlips (Paul Butler) - 3:36
4. Go Through The Motions (Pete Wingfield) - 4:02
5. Full Circle One (Pete Wingfield) - 1:57
6. Old Man Hank (Pete Wingfield) - 3:42
7. The Missing Link (Chirs Waters, John Best, Paul Butler, Pete Wingfield) - 6:10
8. Samuel Taylor (Paul Butler) - 2:58
9. Try (Pete Wingfield) - 3:33
10.Full Circle Two (Pete Wingfield) - 2:10
11.That's Alright (Jimmy Rogers) - 2:07
12.Evening (Chirs Waters, John Best, Paul Butler, Pete Wingfield) - 6:53
13.Don't Want No Woman (Don Robey) - 2:58

*John Best - Bass 
*Paul Butler - Guitar, Vocals 
*Chirs Waters - Drums 
*Pete Wingfield - Keyboards, Vocals

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