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Stillwater - I Reserve The Right (1978 us, good southern rock, 2007 remaster)

I Reserve the Right album features a naked man running down the main street of a major city, which is a little more appealing than the wardrobe this seven-piece group sports on the back cover. They look like they just got off work for the day at the farm, so you know without the image they'd better have some chops to warrant this record's release. Lead guitarist Rob Walker's "Alone on a Saturday Night" is a beautiful song, with drummer Sebie Lacey getting the honors for the lead vocal. It is the tune that stands out and grabs you on a decent outing produced by Stillwater and engineer Tad Bush for Buddy Buie Productions. 

The title track sounds like it is a cross between Duke & the Drivers meets Bachman Turner Overdrive sans Randy Bachman; it is truck-driving rock, the qualities of "Alone on a Saturday Night" or the other subdued highlight here, "Women (Beautiful Women)." With no Top 40 hit to their credit and not much of a cult for this genre of music, this fairly decent outing is one for the bargain bins. Having the Muscle Shoals Horns contribute is pretty neat, and there are some enjoyable moments here nonetheless. 
by Joe Viglione
1. I Reserve The Right (Buddy Buie, Jimmy Hall, Mike Causey, Rob Walker, Sebie Lacey) - 7:09
2. Women (Beautiful Woman) (Buddy Buie, Rob Walker, Sebie Lacey) - 4:25
3. Keeping Myself Alive (Buddy Buie, James B. Cobb Jr.) - 2:53
4. Kalifornia Kool (Allison Scarborough, Buddy Buie, Jimmy Hall, Rob Walker, Sebie Lacey) - 3:31
5. Sometimes Sunshine (Buddy Buie, James B. Cobb Jr., Mike Causey, Robert Nix) - 4:06
6. Fair Warning (Bobby Golden, Buddy Buie, Jimmy Hall, Mike Causey, Rob Walker) - 4:28
7. Alone On A Saturday Night (Rob Walker) - 2:09
8. Ain't We A Pair (Buddy Buie, Jimmy Hall, Mike Causey, Rob Walker) - 4:26

*Mike Causey - Guitar
*Bobby Golden - Guitar, Vocals
*Jimmy Hall - Percussion, Vocals
*Sebie Lacey - Drums, Vocals
*Allison Scarborough - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
*Bob Spearman - Keyboards
*Robert Walker - Guitar, Vocals
*Steve Hulse - Strings

1977  Stillwater - Stillwater (Vinyl edition)  

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