Thursday, January 11, 2024

Flow - Flow (1970 us, magnificent jazz blues brass psych rock, feat. Don Felder from Eagles fame)

Flow were an American sax-rock/psych band from Ocala, Fla., that released a self-titled album on CTI Records in 1970.  After graduation, Bill Ruff went on to become Road Manager for the Flow and co-authored the song “Chicken Farm”.

Flow formed by John Winter, keyboards, sax, flute, Mike Barnett, Drums (fellow members of Ocala High School Class of '66) Don Felder, guitar, and Chuck Newcomb, bass and vocals. They recorded this album on Creed Taylor Records.

Winter and Barnett were in The Incidentals, a British invasion cover band, and Felder was in The Continentals (with Stephen Stills, Bernie Leadon) and when Stills departed, they changed the name to the Maudy Quintet.

After the Maundy Quintet broke up, Felder went to Manhattan, New York City, were he  improved his mastery of improvisation on the guitar and learned various styles, the rest is history.  John Rogers Winter, died December 22, 2019 at the age of 71.
1. Daddy (Chuck Newcomb) - 3:36
2. Here We Are Again (John Winter, Mike Barnett) - 6:51
3. Line'Em (Leadbelly) - 2:47
4. Gotta Get Behind Your Trip (Chuck Newcomb, John Winter) - 3:34
5. Chicken Farm (Bill Ruff, John Winter, Mike Barnett) - 2:55
6. No Lack Of Room (Chuck Newcomb) - 3:49
7. Summer's Gone (John Winter) - 5:50
8. Mr. Invisible (Chuck Newcomb, John Winter) - 3:59
9. Arlene (John Winter) - 5:10

*John Rogers Winter - Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Soprano, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Harmonica 
*Don Felder - Guitar 
*Chuck Newcomb - Bass, Vocals 
*Mike Barnett - Drums 
*Ed Shaughnessy - Tabla, Congas, Cowbell
*Angel Allende - Tabla, Congas, Cowbell
*Johnny Pacheco - Tabla, Congas, Cowbell