Thursday, April 18, 2024

Milton Carroll - Milton Chesley Carroll (1972 us, great country swamp blues folk rock, 2018 korean remaster)

Great influence from Fred Neil, Milton Chesley Carroll is a minor folk/swamp rock singer-songwriter from Waxahachie, Texas. This debut work was recorded in New York after the single "Hippie From Mississippi" under the Name Chesley Carroll became a big hit on local radio stations. 

His funky, bluesy songs include covers of Elton John's "Country Comfort," Jesse Winchester's "Yankee Lady," and  "Love Of The Common People," written by John Hurley and Ronnie Wilkinsas well as originals that are as good as these. 

A soulful country blues masterpiece sung with husky vocals. ``Sweet Country Music'' written by Tony Lordi, who was a staff writer at RCA at the time, is also interesting. Eric Weissberg on dobro and steel guitar, which determined the swamp flavor of this album, guitarist Jerry Friedman who also wrote "Don't Cry My Lady", Pat Rebiliot on keyboards, Tony Levin on bass, Steve Gadd on drums, etc. A lot of people are participating in the session.
1. It'll All Come Down In Time (Cowboy Toni Lordi, Milton Carroll) - 3:55
2. Love Of The Common People (John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins) - 3:46
3. Highway Song (Jorma Kaukonen) - 3:59
4. A Thousand Shades Of Grey (Milton Chesley Carroll) - 3:27
5. Country Comfort (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) - 3:20
6. Yankee Lady (Jesse Winchester) - 3:54
7. Don't Cry My Lady (Jerry Friedman) - 3:18
8. Sweet Country Music (Cowboy Toni Lordi) - 3:46
9. Potters Field (Milton Chesley Carroll) - 2:47
10.Seventh Son (Willie Dixon) - 6:12

*Milton Carroll - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Jerry Friedman - Acoustic, Electric Guitars
*Eric Weissberg - Dobro, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
*Pat Rebillot - Piano, Electric Piano, Organ 
*Tony Levin - Bass (Tracks 1,4,7,10)
*Steve Gadd - Drums (Tracks 1,4,7,10)
*Bob Daugherty - Drums, Bass (Tracks 2,3,5,6)