Sunday, August 11, 2013

Woodbine - Roots (1971 us, nice blended folk with slight country flavor, 2010 korean remaster)

Woodbine was a Milwaukee local folk rock band fromed by Bill Camplin early 70's. "Roots" is a live album recorded at a coffee house and the entire perfomance was captured live. The album contains eight excellent tracks. An obscured American Folk Rock album at its top. 
1. Jezebel 03:29
2. Jesse's Mountain Range 06:28
3. Old Man 05:17
4. The Harvest 07:50
5. Red Velvet 03:16
6. Save The Life Of A Simple Child 05:24
7. Hold On 04:59
8. Can A Star Disappear 09:51

*Bill Camplin – Guitar, vocals
*Bob Mueller – Drums
*Ken Pfaff – Bas, vocals
*Bruce Riddiough - Guitar

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