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The Left Banke - There's Gonna Be A Storm The Complete Recordings (1966-69 us, fantastic baroque folk psychedelia)

Noted as one of the trailblazers of baroque pop, the Left Banke,  known for their huge hit ‘Walk Away Renee’ were original twee. Think of a classical Zombies, harpsichord instead of wurli with dramatic classically-influenced arrangements.

‘Pretty Ballerina’ is their lesser but still well-known hit, and the singing is drop dead gorgeous. Steve Martin (not that Steve Martin) was one of the most under appreciated rock vocalists of his generation and his tender delivery, combined with the delicate string arrangements assured ‘Ballerina.’ Michael Brown wrote great melodies, lyrics tuned to the woe of teenage heartbreak.

Key tracks include ‘Shadows Breaking Over My Head,’ ‘She May Call You Up Tonight,’ ‘I Haven’t Got The Nerve,’ ‘Barterers And Their Wives,’ ‘There’s Gonna Be A Storm’ etc. The 2nd half of this collection covers the material surrounding the Left Banke’s unfortunate demise.

Only a country-rocker falls flat on a completely solid album that many people call baroque pop. Their second album Too, is respectable but lacks the fire of the debut and does not benefit from Michael Brown’s absence. Essential stuff!!

For the complete recordings of the Left Banke in one package, get this.
by Brendan McGrath, June 21st, 2007
1. Walk Away Renée (Michael Brown, Tony Sansone, Bob Calilli) - 2:40
2. I Haven't Got The Nerve (George Cameron, Steve Martin Caro) - 2:13
3. Pretty Ballerina (Michael Brown) - 2:32
4. She May Call You Up Tonight (Michael Brown, Steve Martin Caro) - 2:18
5. I've Got Something On My Mind (Michael Brown, Steve Martin Caro, George Cameron) - 2:46
6. Barterers And Their Wives (Michael Brown, Tom Feher) - 2:56
7. Let Go Of You Girl (Michael Brown, Steve Martin Caro, George Cameron) - 2:53
8. What Do You Know (Michael Brown, Tom Feher) - 2:57
9. Evening Gown (Michael Brown, Tom Feher) - 1:46
10.Lazy Day (Michael Brown, Steve Martin Caro) - 2:24
11.Shadows Breaking Over My Head (Michael Brown, Steve Martin Caro) - 2:34
12.Ivy Ivy (Michael Brown, Tom Feher) - 3:11
13.Men Are Building Sand (Previously Unreleased) (Michael Brown, Bert Sommer) - 2:19
14.Desirée (Michael Brown, Tom Feher) - 2:42
15.Dark Is The Bark (George Cameron, Tom Finn, Martin-Caro) - 3:28
16.My Friend Today (Tom Feher) - 3:03
17.Sing Little Bird Sing (Tom Finn) - 3:09
18.And Suddenly (Michael Brown, Bert Sommer) - 2:05
19.Goodbye Holly (Tom Feher) - 2:56
20.In The Morning Light (Michael Brown, Tom Feher) - 2:50
21.Bryant Hotel (Tom Feher) - 3:24
22.Give The Man A Hand (Marvin Potocki) - 2:33
23.Nice To See You (Tom Finn) - 2:41
24.There's Gonna Be A Storm (Tom Finn) - 4:16
25.Pedestal (Tom Kaye, Marty Joe Kupersmith) - 3:45
26.Myrah (Michael Brown, Steve Martin Caro) - 3:21

The Left Banke
*Steve Martin Caro - Lead Vocals, Drums, Tambourine, Bass 
*Michael Brown - Piano, Harpsichord, Clavinet, Organ, Vocals
*Tom Finn - Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
*George Cameron - Drums, Percussion, Vocals 
*Warren David-Schierhorst - Drums
*Jeff Winfield - Electric Guitar
*Rick Brand - Electric Guitar, Banjo
*Bert Sommer - Lead Vocals, Guitar 
*Michael McKan - Guitar 
*Tom Feher – Piano, Guitar 
Additional Personnel
*Steve Tallarico - Backing Vocals
*Paul Griffin - Keyboards
*Paul Leka - Piano, String Arrangements
*Hugh McCracken - Guitar
*Al Gorgoni - Guitar
*George "Fluffer" Hirsh - Guitar
*Marvin Potocki - Guitars
*John Abbott - Bass, Guitar, String And Horn Arrangements
*Seymour Barab - Bass, Cello
*Joe Mack - Bass
*Chet Amsterdam - Bass
*Al Rogers - Drums
*Buddy Saltzman - Drums
*Bobby Gregg - Drums
*Artie Schroek - Vibraphone, Drums, String Arrangements
*Paul Leka - String Arrangements
*Harry Lookofsky - Violin
*George Marge - Oboe
*Ray Alonge - French Horn
*Marvin Stamm - Trumpet
*George Young - Woodwinds

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