Friday, September 30, 2022

Sweet Thursday - Sweet Thursday (1969 us / uk, beautiful psych folk rock feat Nicky Hopkins, remaster with extra tracks)

This group and their one and only album were once considered so hot, what with Nicky Hopkins, Alun Davies, and Jon Mark in the lineup, that a reissue in 1971 rated a full-page ad from the source label in Rolling Stone. In fact, it's a pleasant, well-played midtempo piece of late-'60s rock, with elements of British blues ("Side of the Road"), psychedelic harpsichords and flute ("Cobwebs"), and R&B, mid-'60s U.K. style. Alun Davies and Jon Mark are more than good enough guitar players and singers. 

Jon Mark's "Rescue Me" is one of the better numbers here, dominated by Hopkins' organ playing and driven by a great beat, and carried by his attempts at a white soul vocal performance; it's no surprise for the neophyte to learn that all of these guys played with outfits like Zoot Money's Big Roll Band and the Cyril Davies All-Stars. And then there's "Gilbert Street," which shows some finesse and a robust vocal performance, and sustains interest for five minutes plus; this number must have been something to hear in concert, and a whole album like it would have lived up to a reputation stretching across the decades. It's also easy to see why this record never caught on at the time, there are also two bonus tracks from their 45' single.
by Bruce Eder
1. Dealer (Jon Mark) - 6:05
2. Jenny  (Jon Mark) - 3:49
3. Laughed At Him (Jon Mark) - 5:14
4. Cobwebs (Brian Odgers) - 3:26
5. Rescue Me  (Jon Mark) - 3:44
6. Molly (Brian Odgers) - 3:09
7. Sweet Francesca (Jon Mark)  - 4:00
8. Side Of The Road (Alun Davies) - 4:52
9. Gilbert Street (Pat Gunning) - 10:22 
10.Getting It Together (Jon Mark) - 3:13
11.Mary On The Runaround (Jon Mark) - 3:05

Sweet Thursday
*Nicky Hopkins - Keyboards
*Alun Davies - Vocals, Guitar
*Jon Mark - Guitar, Vocals
*Harvey Burns - Percussion
*Brian Odges - Bass, Woodwind

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