Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Jonathan Kelly - Twice Around The Houses (1972 ireland, spectacular folk bluesy rock roots 'n' roll)

Irish singer-songwriter Jonathan Kelly’s second album “Twice around the Houses” was released on the RCA label in 1972 and was given masses of quality marketing, while Kelly played prestige gigs at all the top venues. He was a regular at major festivals - playing with just a miked up acoustic and was always easy to whip on and off between longer ensembles . Kelly always went down a storm wherever he played but somehow it just didn’t happen for him.

This album under review starts off with the sublime “Madeleine”, a mid-tempo song about un-requited love. The feeling expressed by Kelly’s voice leaves you in no doubt that this is a song of personal experience and would have made an excellent single, but, alas, time has moved on.

Next out of the traps is “Sligo Fair”, a lovely song about life in the British countryside. - Life is not always greener on the other side . Following this is “We’re All Right Till Then”, one of the most poignant protest songs this dog has ever heard. To lighten the load we then have the glorious “Ballad Of Cursed Anna”, always a concert favorite with audiences, telling the story of the folly of youth. It’s a tragi-comedy of a song that always plucks a heartstring but still leaves a smile on the lips.

Every track on the album is well constructed and the variety is quite remarkable. From acoustic sad ballads like “I Used To Know You” to the fun filled rock ‘n’ roll of “The Train Song”. Just one listen to this album will blow away all your blues.
by Pattaya Mail, May 14, 2020
1. Madeleine - 3:29 
2. Sligo Fair - 6:20 
3. We're All Right Till Then - 3:43 
4. Ballad Of Cursed Anna - 5:18 
5. Leave Them Go - 4:09 
6. We Are The People - 3:44 
7. Rainy Town - 2:57 
8. The Train Song - 4:26 
9. I Used To Know You - 2:29 
10.Hyde Park Angels - 4:47 
11.Rock You To Sleep - 4:48 
All compositions by Jonathan Kelly 

*Jonathan Kelly - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Peter Wood - Keyboards
*Tim Renwick - Electric Guitar
*Jim Toomy - Drums
*Rick Kempe - Bass
*Donal Lunny - Acoustic Guitar
*Gerry Conway - Drums
*Larry Steele - Bass
*Jerry Donahue - Acoustic Guitar
*Dave Ball - Electric Guitar
*Byron Lyefook - Drums
*Harvey Burns - Drums