Friday, February 12, 2016

Arcesia - Reachin (1972 us, cool weird unusual acid psych, 1997 limited Vinyl edition)

Born in Sayre, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1917. As a child, his father Antonio (Tony) played an Enrico Caruso disc for young Johnny and from that time on Johnny knew what he wanted to do with his life. As a result he became a child prodigy singing whenever possible in public or private in the Sayre, Athens and Towanda area of Pennsylvania, as well as Waverly, New York, and as far as Scranton, Pennsylvania and Elmira, New York. He turned professional as a child after winning a talent show/contest that was produced in Sayre at the Sayre Theatre by the great 'Blackstone the Magician' in c.1926. 

Young Johnny sang for every club or organization in the area that needed or wanted talent to perform for their various causes,i.e. The Elks, Lions, The D.A.R. et,al. In 1932 after a fire almost destroyed the family home, young Johnny, with his father's blessing, decided to travel alone to NYC to become a band vocalist. His childhood idols and inspirations were Bing Crosby, Russ Columbo, Red McKenzie, as well as Caruso.

The album was released in a private edition of 300 copies and most of them were given away to family and friends. In the late 80s, one of those copies was unearthed by rare record dealer Paul Major, who was one of the first persons to appreciate the singularities of “Reachin’ Arcesia”. Since then, the album, which mixes over the top crooner vocals with late 60s acid-rock / pop arrangements is now considered a lounge-psych / real people masterpiece. 
1. Pictures In My Window (J. Johnson, Perry) - 2:31
2. Soul Wings - 4:01
3. White Panther - 2:31
4. Leaf - 3:00
5. Voice Of Love - 2:34
6. Reaching (Furth, Perry, Arcessi) - 2:43
7. Summer Of Love (D. Totten, Perry) - 3:14
8. Mechanical Doll - 1:51
9. Butterfly Mind - 2:52
10.Desiree (J. Johnson, Lejon) - 3:02
11.Rainy Sunday - 3:24
All songs by John Arcessi and Lejon except where stated.

*John Arcessi - Vocals

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