Saturday, September 19, 2020

Nattura - Magic Key (1972 iceland, splendid psych tinged heavy prog rock, 2020 japan SHM remaster)

Fantastically rare Icelandic album from 1972, featuring members of Trubrot but unlike of Trubrot releases where they used their home language, here all the songs are in English with the ethereal female vocals by Shady Owens. The production is cool and clean like the Icelandic water, a fundamental aspect that is cherished and protected as a sacred medicine-the holy source that gives and sustains all life-and respected as a force of nature.

"Magic Key" was recorded in London, UK, and was planned to release world wide. The album is a cross between Canterbury scene -like "Delivery"-  and "Camel". Psychedelic sounds, filled drums, clear organs, stretched electric guitars, and refreshing female vocals. Of course, elements of Progressive and space rock appear, and especially on "ButterfIy", a treasure of Progressive Rock. Nattura released one more LP called Nyphenburger in 1982.
1. Could it Be Found (Björgvin Gíslason, Albert Aðalsteinsson)  - 5:11
2. Out of the Darkness (Björgvin Gíslason, Ólafur Garðarsson) - 5:36
3. Gethsemane Garden (Karl J. Sighvatsson, Albert Aðalsteinsson) - 4:44
4. Butterfly (Björgvin Gíslason) - 6:47
5. My Magic Key (Karl J. Sighvatsson, Albert Aðalsteinsson) - 2:39
6. Tiger (Björgvin Gíslason, Shady Owens) - 3:12
7. Confusion (Sigurður Árnason) - 2:44
8. Since I Found You (Björgvin Gíslason, Jóhann G. Jóhannsson) - 5:59
9. A Little Hymn for Love and Peace (Karl J. Sighvatsson) - 3:09

*Shady Owens - Vocals
*Björgvin Gislasson - Guitar, Flute
*Karl J. Sighvatsson - Organ, Piano, Moog, Vocals
*Sigurður Árnason - Bass
*Ólafur Garðarsson - Drums

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