Thursday, April 20, 2023

Frank White - Nice To Be On Your Show (1973 uk, tough boogie, roots 'n' roll, classic rock)

Sheffield born guitar player Frank White, started in the 1960s, where he toured Europe with another local hero, The Crying Game pop star Dave Berry and the Cruisers. He played with Carl Perkins, Albert Lee and The Crickets. Frank,  is regarded as a musician who could have matched the careers of Eric Clapton and Keith Richards, if he had wished, but he put aside the chance of global fame and fortune in favour of family and faith.

Frank’s solo debut album – Nice To Be On Your Show – was released in 1973 on Fantasy Records, home of Creedence Clearwater Revival. The album features five original songs penned by Frank and seven covers from Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly among others. Four man tight band, in blues vein, groovy roots with great dual guitar parts.

There are enough myths and legends surrounding Frank White to give Homer a sequel to The Odyssey. That the Rolling Stones wanted him in the band when Mick Taylor left. That Elvis saw him on ‘Shindig’ and was digging his playing. That, off the record, he’s Eric Clapton’s favourite guitarist. That he could have been the first white guy signed to Motown. That his mate Joe Cocker wanted him for The Grease Band. That he had the first twin-neck electric guitar in Europe, before Jimmy Page. (That one is true). 

Frank has rejected the conjecture. Only he knows the truth. He’s put aside the chance of fame and fortune in favour of family and faith. The King of Don Valley Delta Blues counts off “Blue Moon Of Kentucky”, he understands that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just keep the axle greased and let it roll on down Route 66, or the A57......  Sadly Frank died on March 29 2020.
1. Nobody (Wayne Carson Thompson) - 2:33
2. Not Fade Away (Charles Hardin, Norman Petty) - 3:06
3. Move On (Frank White) - 3:08
4. What Am I Living For (Arthur Harris, Fred Jay) - 5:09
5. Kingdom Hall (Frank White) - 3:22
6. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Bill Monroe) - 3:20
7. Gonna Find My Baby (Gotta Find My Baby) (Chuck Berry) - 2:25
8. Punk (Frank White) - 5:40
9. No Money Down (Chuck Berry) - 2:37
10.Nice To Be On Your Show (Frank White) - 4:03
11.Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Lloyd Price) - 3:03
12.Darnall Dogtrack (Frank White) - 2:22

*Frank White - Electric, Slide Guitars, Vocals
*Pat Donaldson - Bass
*Gerry Conway - Drums, Percussion
*Roy Barber - Electric Guitar