Sunday, May 5, 2024

Sanctuary - Sanctuary (1971 us, magnificent jazzy psych art rock, 2022 remaster and expanded)

Reissue of a relatively obscure but rare US prog album from 1971.  Sanctuary was based out of Kansas.  They featured Erik Bikales on flute - he later went on to a popular career in the New Age genre.  This is anything but that.  Its a mix of original and cover tunes and frankly the covers are the most interesting part.  

Beginning with “All In My Dreams,” the flute’s light and colorful timbre captures the ear, serving as a clarion call for all to follow and creating moments of majesty, as music and message seamlessly transform into one. Sanctuary’s interpretations of Yes’s “Time And A Word” and Edgar Winter’s “Winter’s Dream” are not mere covers. They are bright and bold musical statements, refusals to submit to the negativity of the times. Their unique take on these compositions, as well as their own, provides the kind of bright eyed anthems their generation’s voice needed to compete against the backdrop of war and social upheaval dominating the headlines."
1. All In My Dreams (Roger Bruner) - 5:28
2. 1982A (Bill Champlin) - 3:58
3. Time And A Word (David Foster, Jon Anderson) - 4:54
4. Hard To Be (Roger Bruner) - 8:43
5. Winter's Dream (Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter) - 20:43
6. Things Get Better (Roger Bruner) - 6:40
7. Freedom Rider (James Capaldi, Stephen Winwood) - 5:32
8. Rainmaker (Harry Nilsson, Bill Martin) - 6:51
9. Magnificent Sanctuary Band (Roger Bruner) - 3:46
Bonus tracks 6-9

*Eric Bikales - Keyboards, Flute, Recorder, Vocals 
*Roger Bruner - Guitar, Vocals 
*Dennis Loewen - Bass Guitar, Vocals 
*Norman Weinberg - Drums, Percussion, Vocals