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Family - A Song For Me (1970 uk, marvelous varied prog rock, 2004 japan remaster and expanded)

This might well be the best of the early Family recordings. A combination of hard rock (bordering on metal) and wistful folk-rock (it sounds as if Chapman and Whitney were listening to a lot of Incredible String Band), A Song for Me veers toward early progressive rock, but isn't as nakedly indulgent as some early prog-rock recordings (e.g., they didn't try to sound like a jazz band, they wanted to sound like a rock band screwing around with jazz). 

Perhaps their most experimental record, it seems as though the credo in making this disc was that anything went. And on tracks like "Drowned in Wine," it works quite well. Again, Chapman offers more proof of his vocal greatness, and again the record sells large quantities in England and nearly nothing in America. 
by John Dougan
1. Drowned In Wine - 4:09
2. Some Poor Soul - 2:44
3. Love Is A Sleeper - 4:01
4. Stop For The Traffic - Through The Heart Of Me - 2:12
5. Wheels (John "Charlie" Whitney, Rick Grech, Roger Chapman) - 4:37
6. Song For Sinking Lovers - 4:06
7. Hey - Let It Rock - 0:59
8. The Cat And The Rat - 2:30
9. 93's OK J (John "Charlie" Whitney, John Weider) - 3:58
10.A Song For Me (John "Charlie" Whitney, John Weider, Rob Townsend, Roger Chapman) - 9:22
11.No Mule's Fool - 3:12
12.Good Friend Of Mine - 3:31
13.Drowned In Wine - 4:10
14.The Cat And The Rat - 2:48
15.Wheels (John "Charlie" Whitney, Rick Grech, Roger Chapman) - 6:46
16.A Song For Me (John "Charlie" Whitney, John Weider, Rob Townsend, Roger Chapman) - 8:01
All songs written by John "Charlie" Whitney, Roger Chapman, except where noted
Bonus Tracks 11-15

*Roger Chapman - Vocals, Percussion
*Charlie Whitney - Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Bass
*John Weider - Acoustic Guitar, Bass,
*Poli Palmer - Percussion, Keyboards,, Vibes
*Rob Townsend - Drums, Percussion
*George Bruno - Organ
*Jim King - Saxophone

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1974  Chapman Whitney - First Cut Streetwalkers (2009 edition)
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