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Socrates Drank The Conium - On The Wings (1973 greece, amazing hard rock)

On The Wings is one of those records where you just have to shake your head in disbelief every time you listen to it, absolutely face-melting guitar work. 

Hard to believe this came out in 1973 (though I wasn't even born yet, so what do I know). Bands like Wishbone Ash were already doing full-on, well-composed intricate rock arrangements with two guitars and bass all playing something different (and both ably backed with excellent drummers), but this album predates and almost predicts the classical melodies later employed by bands such as Iron Maiden, though some of the tempos and changes are more manic than Maiden or any other NWOBHM band or any metal band up until Venom (though for a comparison of competency, Slayer would be a more apt reference point).

The vocals sound almost strained at times, but it adds to the desperate power of these songs. The album's really not very long, but they pack SO MUCH into the scant 30 minutes, you can't help but be glued to the speakers/headphones/etc.

Maybe the recording could be better, but I don't know what technology was available in Greece in the early '70s or if a band like this had the capital (though apparently they were on Polydor) to travel to record.

Regardless, this is a brilliant record that will appeal to fans of metal, 70s rock, and great music. The only drawback is, it's really hard to find. If you do see it, snap it up, you won't regret it! 
by G.Johnson
1. Who Is To Blame - 3:47
2. Distruction - 4:32
3. Naked Trees - 5:00
4. Death Is Gonna Die - 3:33
5. This Is The Rats - 2:49
6. Lovesick Kid's Blues - 2:50
7. On The Wings Of Death - 3:25
8. Breakdown - 3:04
9. Triping In A Crystal Forest (Gus Doukakis) - 1:49
10.Regulations (If I Were A President) - 2:40
All compositions by  Gus Doukakis and Antonis Tourkogiorgis except where indicated.

*John Spathas - Lead Guitar
*Antonis Tourkoyorgis - Bass, Vocals
*Gus Doukakis - Gguitar
*George Trantalides - Drums

1972  Socrates Drank The Conium
1972  Taste Of Conium 

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Socrates Drank The Conium - Socrates Drank The Conium (1972 greece, great acid rural rock)

Originally released in 1972, their debut isn't quite as ripping as the totally off-the-hook On The Wings, but it's got plenty of wailing kick ass guitar work nonetheless. Unlike On The Wings there's only one guitar in the mix, but when he gets cooking with the bands' driving rhythm section backing him up he really takes off. There's also some more laid-back, rural psych moments on here, but mostly hard boogie-blues-acid-rock numbers harking back to Cream and Hendrix, assuredly big heroes of Socrates Drank The Conium. They've got something to say through their music as well, as titles like "It's A Disgusting World" and "Underground" indicate, although the band's lasting message might not really be one of radical politics but something more basic: rock on! 
1. Live In The Country - 3:43
2. Something In The Air (D. Wood) - 3:21
3. Bad Conditions - 3:59
4. It's A Disgusting World (Elias Boukouvalas) - 6:52
5. Close The Door And Lay Down - 3:12
6. Blind Illusion - 3:33
7. Hoo Yeah! - 3:36
8. Underground (D. Wood) - 4:40
9. Starvation - 3:45
All songs by Yannis Spathas and Antonis Tourkogiorgis except where noted

Socrates Drank The Conium
*Antonis Tourkogiorgis – Bass, vocals
*Yannis Spathas – Lead Guitar
*Elias Boukouvalas – Drums

1972  Taste Of Conium 

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