Friday, August 12, 2022

Goliath - Goliath (1969 us, magnificent soulful psych rock)

“Goliath” by Goliath was a major-label US release in 1969 (ABC Records ABCS-702). The LP was recorded in Philadelphia, and the band is usually presumed to be from there as well. The album is dominated by heavy Hammond B3 organ and a vocalist who sounded much like David Clayton-Thomas. As such, the album is justifiably described as a blend of Vanilla Fudge and Blood, Sweat & Tears. The highlight is a Fudge-like cover of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”. 
by W. T. Neill
1. Yesterday's Children (Steve D'Amico, Ted Barbella) - 6:04
2. Can't Stop Feeling Lonely (Rusty Richards) - 3:10
3. Man's Temptation (Curtis Mayfield) - 4:39
4. Time And Time Again (Eddie Ray) - 3:17
5. If Johnny Comes Marching Home (Steve D'Amico, Ted Barbella) - 4:15
6. Eleanor Rigby (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 6:12
7. Come With Me To My World (Steve D'Amico, Ted Barbella) - 3:10
8. Loving You Too Long (Otis Redding) - 6:24
9. Are You Lonely For Me, Baby? / Jacksonville Express (Bert Berns / Dennis Jason, Jerry Gilbert, Norm Conrad, Steve Jason, Ted Barbella) - 4:05

*Dennis Jason - Lead Guitar
*Jerry Gilbert - Drums, Percussion
*Norm Conrad - Bass  
*Steve Jason - Vocals 
*Ted Barbella - Organ