Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Hustler - High Street (1974 uk, astonishing boogie funky hard rock, 2002 edition)

Among the early pioneers of UK hard rock, Hustler comprised Steve Haynes (vocals), Micky Llewellyn (guitar, vocals), Tigger Lyons (bass, vocals), Kenny Daughters (keyboards) and Tony Beard (drums, percussion). At a time when the UK music scene still related anything from the rock field with complex, multi-layered progressive recordings, Hustler seemed somewhat of place with their straightforward rock hooks and ‘good-time boogie’ style. Nevertheless, both High Street and Play Loud remain excellent examples of the back-to-basics.

Steve Haynes, the singer, was an American Paul Rodgers type living in South Ruislip and his dad worked at the US Army base back then. He now lives, records and gigs in the US. The band split in 1976, drummer Tony Beard played and toured with the likes of Mike Oldfield, Jeff Beck, Chris Rea, Go West and many more. Tigger Lyons, the bass player, became an architect. Guitarist Micky Llewellyn died in 2014. In 2020 Steve Haynes and Kenny Daughters reunited to record and release on album under the title "Reloaded" with two new guitarists to the band, Tick Brown and Tony Miles.
1. Just Leave A Good Man (Micky Llewellyn, Tigger Lyons) - 4:12
2. Piranhas (Micky Llewellyn) - 5:40
3. Let The Wind Blow (Steve Haynes) - 3:40
4. Uptight Tonight (Steve Haynes) - 3:43
5. Get Outa Me`Ouse (Tigger Lyons) - 3:08
6. Jack The Lad (Micky Llewellyn, Kenny Daughters, Steve Haynes) - 5:23
7. Midnight Seducer (Micky Llewellyn, Tigger Lyons) - 5:38
8. Miranda (Tigger Lyons) - 5:02
9. The Hustler (Steve Haynes) - 5:28

The Hustler
*Micky Llewellyn - Guitar
*Tigger Lyons - Bass
*Steve Haynes - Vocals
*Kenny Daughters - Piano, Moog Synthesizer, Organ
*Tony Beard -  Drums