Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Tim Hinkley - Hinkleys Heroes Volume One (1976-79 uk, varied styles classic rock, Akarma release)

Hinkley's Heroes documents sessions that finally got the dust blown off them after some 20 years of lying on the shelf. Tim Hinkley, who is known as an all around session man and the leader of the group Jody Grind, has played with countless artists over the years. This LP featured some of those artists. Joan Armatrading, Tom Waits, Neil Hubbard (Elton John's Bluesology), Graham Bond, Joe Cocker, Marianne Faithful, Brian Ferry, Al Kooper, Robert Palmer, Alvin Lee, Mick Ralphs (Mott the Hoople, Bad Company), Micky Moody (Juicy Lucy, Frankie Miller), Mike Patto, Bobby Tench (Jeff Beck group), Kuma Arada (Peter Green), and Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience) form a who's who of rock music.

Musicians love to get together and just have fun and play without any restraints from labels, lawyers or managers. This is the way music is supposed to come to life. This album is a beautiful example of that kind of creative process. That is why it is so good.

This LP was like listening to a diverse 70s radio show encapsulated in a vinyl jukebox. You will hear rock, pop, blues, well, just about every kind of musical style that there is actually. Volume One indicates that there is more awaiting our ears in the future. This can be a good thing, not only for the label, but also for music fans on worldwide level. Many of these artists have an eclectic and global fan base that will appreciate the diversity if the music. What is even more inviting (and appropriate) is that it is on vinyl. Back in the 70s that is what I collected; well, 8-Track tapes, too. It was the good old days for this old rock 'n' roller; music like this helps me to step into the time machine that lives inside my head awaiting my beckoned call. There is not one bad cut on this entire album, and I imagine if a volume two is issued it will be just as good.
by Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
1. Satuday Night (Mike Patto) - 3:42
2. Everything Will Be Just Fine (Mitch Mitchell, Peter Sinfield, Poli Palmer) - 2:36
3. Tell Me Whatta Man's Gotta Do (Peter Sinfield, Tim Hinkley) - 3:01
4. Sitting In The Park (Billy Stewart) - 4:12
5. Sky (Peter Sinfield, Tim Hinkley) - 4:14
6. Don't Lead Me On (Harold Hardsell, Tim Hinkley) - 4:46
7. High Tech Love Affair (Alvin Lee, Tim Hinkley) - 3:12
8. Gone With Another (Henry McCullough) - 3:29
9. Prime Time Man (Peter Sinfield, Tim Hinkley) - 4:57
10.Saturday Blues (Henry McCullough, Joe Cocker, Tim Hinkley) - 5:35

*Tim Hinkley - Organ, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Wurlitzer, Synthesizer Horn
*Robert Kuma Harada - Bass
*Neil Hubbard - Guitar
*Alvin Lee - Bass, Guitar, Drums, Drum Programming, Vocals
*Henry McCullough - Guitar, Vocals
*Micky Moody - Guitar
*Poli Palmer - Background Vocals, Vibraphone, Fairlight, Drum Programming
*Victoria Brown - Background Vocals
*Mike Patto - Vocals, Background Vocals
*Mick Ralphs - Guitar
*Shay - Vocals
*Steve Simpson - Guitar
*Alan Spenner - Bass
*Bob Tench - Guitar, Vocals
*Mel Collins - Saxophone
*George "Zoot" Money - Electric Piano
*Ian Wallace - Drums
*John "The Admiral" Halsey - Drums
*Mitch Mitchell - Percussion
*Alan Spenner - Bass
*Boz Burrel - Bass
*Leonard "Stretch" Stretching - Drums
*Chrissie Stewart - Bass
*Joe Cocker - Vocals
*Vicki Brown - Vocals
*Billy Lawrie - Vocals

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