Saturday, June 20, 2020

Boffalongo - Boffalongo (1969 us, elegant jazzy psychedelia early prog, 2020 reissue)

From the CyberDesk of Larry Hoppen
I’d just left Ithaca College as a Music Ed. student when I joined Boffalongo. In pretty short order we cut 2 albums in New York City (released in 1969 and 1970).

The first LP is the original band, Keith Ginsberg on guitar/vocals, Basil Matychuk on keys/vocals, the late Ritchie Vitagliano on drums and me on bass; 7 of their songs and 5 written by me. I played some guitar, organ, trumpet and sang as well. Recorded in a ‘state of the art’ 4-track studio on 54th Street, it exemplifies the sheer energy / exploration of youth: a first effort from a group of kids with an eclectic, intellectual and sometimes ethereal idea of pop music.
1. The Sea's Gettin' Rough (Larry Hoppen) - 2:19
2. Marble Clown (Basil Matychak) - 3:24
3. Nightmare (Larry Hoppen) - 2:11
4. Alladin's Lamp (Basil Matychak) - 3:36
5. Please Stay (Larry Hoppen) - 2:41
6. Woes Of Home (Keith Ginsberg) - 2:21
7. Tomorrow Not Today (Larry Hoppen) - 2:45
8. B.N.I. (Batteries Not Included) (Keith Ginsberg) - 5:28
9. I Know The Feeling (Larry Hoppen) - 4:22
10.Band Of Fools (Basil Matychak) - 2:52
11.Rest Awhile (Keith Ginsberg) - 3:28
12.Mr. Go Away (Basil Matychak) - 2:40

*Larry Hoppen - Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Trumpet
*Basil Matychak - Vocals, Keyboards
*Keith Ginsberg - Guitars, Vocals
*Richie Vitagliano - Drums
*Marilyn Mason - Cowbell
*Pattie - Flute

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