Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Chambers Brothers - New Generation (1971 us, spectacular funky blues rock with psych aspects)

Eschewing their normal frenzied mix of soul and rock, the brothers package their socially uplifting messages more in James Brown-style funk than usual. They produce the album themselves and their ambition often exceeds their grasp. String orchestrations by band members Brian Keenan and Joe Chambers clutter an already-busy mix. The title track is the kind of extended rave-up that seems to be on every one of their albums. "Going to the Mill" closes the session with a straightforward, and welcome, shot of gospel. 
by Mark Allan
1. Are You Ready (Joseph Chambers) - 3:50
2. Young Girl (Lester Chambers, Willie Chambers) - 3:39
3. Funky (Lester Chambers) - 2:54
4. When The Evening Comes (C. LaMarr) - 6:40
5. Practice What You Preach (Joseph Chambers) - 3:32
6. Reflections (George Chambers) - 5:24
7. Pollution (Joseph Chambers) - 1:48
8. New Generation (C. LaMarr, Joseph Chambers) - 11:55
9. Going To The Mill (C. LaMarr) - 5:13

The Chambers Brothers
*George Chambers - Bass
*Joe Chambers - Guitar, Vocals
*Lester Chambers - Harmonica, Vocals
*Willie Chambers - Guitar, Vocals 
*Brian Keenan - Drums

1967  The Chambers Brothers - The Time Has Come