Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sinto - Right On Brother (1972 germany, exceptional prog jazz rock)

Those expecting kraut-rock must stop here. It's nothing but pure prog in the British tradition and in fact there's almost no "Germanity" on this album, it could have been easily recorded in UK around the same time (1974).

Sinto's complex prog is wonderfully diluted by some funky elements - that can probably make this album appealing for both prog- and mainstream rock fans.

Instrumentation is very rich including not only guitar (Alfred Jones produces some blistering solos throughout the album) and keyboards (funky piano of Peter Holzwig is superb!), but also violin, which plays a prominent part in the whole mix.

Plus, here is a special guy who plays on different congas, bongos and other percussive instruments and his inclusion makes the rhythm-section more versatile.

All the tracks are song-oriented, but this shouldn't repulse you. Vocalist is no Demetrio Stratos, but he does a nice job and it seems that there is no accent in his pronunciation (which is characteristic of many German vocalists daring to sing in English).

Despite the simple structure of most of the tracks (the closing "Another Voice" is the only exception), they are quite unusual harmonically so that they can be labeled progressive rock by all means.

The musicianship is of the highest class and the interplays between guitar and violin are simply great.

Here are some up-tempo rocking songs with obvious funky stylings (opening title-track, "In My Times", 'Don't Wait") and some sad and extremely beautiful ballads ("Rome").

Closing "Another Voice" reminds me of Sinto's compatriots from Pell Mell - the same dark piano riff and violin extravaganza on the top.

Overall, this is a wonderful album. Due to the skillful combination of catchy funky parts and complex instrumental showoffs it can surely please both prog bigots and mainstream rock lovers.

To be honest, I'm pretty surprised this album is fairly obscure, since it seems consciously made for satisfying the wide audience.

Anyway, I highly recommend everyone to check it out. 
1.Right On Brother (Santos, Hannes Beckmann) - 7:37
2.Rome (Ralph Fischer) - 6:02
3.Things I See (Hannes Beckmann) - 3:29
4.In My Times (Hannes Beckmann) - 3:30
5.Don't Wait (Peter Holzwig, Hannes Beckmann) - 5:13
6.Everytime (Hannes Beckmann) - 5:20
7.Another Voice (Hannes Beckmann) - 3:20

*Hannes Beckmann - Amplified Violin, Acoustic Bass, Percussion, Vocals
*Cotch Black - Congas, Lead Percussion, Laughter, Vocals
*Abu Dram - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Ralph Fischer - Bass, Percussion, Vocals
*Peter Holzwig - Piano, Organ, Marimbaphone, Percussion, Vocals
*Alfred Jones - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals

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