Thursday, September 23, 2021

Lindisfarne - Happy Daze (1974 uk, fine folk soft rock, 2008 remaster with bonus tracks)

This album was recorded by the Mk 2 line-up of Lindisfarne and, as such, reveals a widening choice of possible directions for them to follow. Tonight is a big, brash and joyous opener, much noisier than many of their original fans would have expected. After this, however, things settle into more familiar territory with an effective midtempo In Your Head and the gentle delights of Alan Hull’s The River. The latter, written some years previously, would have reassured some of the fans as Alan Hull and Ray Jackson represented the spirit that originally made the band stand out so delightfully.

From there on the album balances Alan Hull songs with more strident ones from new members Ken Craddock and Thomas Duffy, all of which reflect a band undergoing changes and partially feeling their way in their new clothes. Everything is well played and sung, with pleasing arrangements, but taken as a whole Happy Daze may well have confused as many as it satisfied. Market Square have added seven original Alan Hull demos, including Dingly Dell, as pleasing fare for Lindisfarne fans.
by Kingsley Abbott , 13 October 2008
1. Tonight (Tommy Duffy) - 3:25
2. In Your Head  (Kenny Craddock) - 3:08
3. River - 4:15
4. You Put The Laff On Me - 3:53
5. No Need To Tell Me - 2:22
6. Juiced Up To Lose (Tommy Duffy) - 2:48
7. Dealer's Choice - 2:57
8. Nellie (Kenny Craddock) - 3:51
9. The Man Down There (Kenny Craddock) - 3:50
10.Gin And Tonix All Round - 3:24
11.Tomorrow (Kenny Craddock) - 5:12
12.Dingly Dell - 3:55
13.Where Is My Sixpence? - 2:23
14.Do Not Be Afraid - 1:57
15.Smile - 1:49
16.Picture A Little Girl - 3:20
17.Doctor Of Love - 4:00
18.Alright On The Night - 2:19
All songs written by Alan Hull except where indicated
Bonus tracks 12-18 unreleased Demo by Alan Hull, recorded at Impulse Studios, Wallsend, in the late 1960s by David Wood.

*Alan Hull - Guitar, Vocals
*Lindsay Raymond Jackson - Vocals, Mandolin, Harp, Percussion
*Charlie Harcourt - Lead Guitar
*Thomas Duffy - Bass, Vocals
*Kenneth Craddock - Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Guitar, Vibraphone, Vocals
*Paul Nichols - Drums