Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Blue Condition - Beyond The Sun (1976 us, nice soft prog rock)

Blue Condition were an American psych-pop band that released the album Beyond the Sun on self-press Low Rider Records in 1976. An eponymous second album with a half-changed lineup was self-issued by the band in 1984. 

There are some good guitar parts, funky tunes mixed with jazzy feeling, think of some lighter version of Steely Dan, in conclusion a nice hard to find record.
1. Birds In Flight (West Goewey) - 4:25
2. Lord I'm Blue (West Goewey) - 5:02
3. Love Me Right (West Goewey, A. Marshall) - 4:16
4. Hourglass (West Goewey, A. Marshall) - 4:39
5. Synthesizer Prelude: Beyond The Sun (West Goewey, A. Marshall) - 6:09
6. My Girl (West Goewey) - 3:21
7. Piscean Lady (West Goewey) - 4:16
8. You're The One (West Goewey, Greg Carter) - 4:25

Blue Condition
*Leo Price - Guitar, Vocals
*West Goewey - Keyboards, Vocals
*Danny Massalon - Bass, Vocals
*Greg Carter - Drums