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Cherubin - Our Sunrise (1973-74 germany, excellent poppy and funky based psych prog rock, 2004 bonus track remaster)

Guitarist Andreas "Andy" Marx lived in London for two years (1968-70) and played with "Creepy John Thomas". In 1971 he joined Doldingers Passport. Soon after, he left the jazz rock combine and together with Udo Lindenberg they recorded Udo's first solo album in Hamburg. 

By the same time Andy Marx recorded his first solo album "The Circle", but he didn't want to move on completely alone, and at the beginning of 1973 he decided το  form  "Cherubin" together with Eberhard Wilhelm (drums), whose previous collaboration was in Amos Key, Wolfgang Graf (bass), Peter Bornkessel, Bo Born (Organ) and Peter "Pit" Troja. They first album was release thru United Artists.
by Wolfgang Wilholm
1. Funky Beat (Andy Marx) - 8:00
2. East Wind Blowin' (Andy Marx) - 3:59
3. Cracy (Micheal Hodjera) - 3:21
4. Sunrise (Andy Marx, Robby Rogers) - 3:05
5. Sunday Child (Andy Marx) - 3:15
6. The Letter (Wayne Carson Thompson) - 2:40
7. Bikini Panties And White Lipstick (Micheal Hodjera) - 1:15
8. One Way Ticket (Andy Marx) - 3:48
9. Lost Lession In Time (Micheal Hodjera) - 3:05
10.Feel Is Real (Andy Marx, Micheal Hodjera) - 6:06
11.Electric Waves (Andy Marx, Wolfgang Graf, Eberhard Wilhelm) - 4:54
Bonus track 11 Live At Zirkus Krone Munich '76

*Andy Marx - Electric Acoustic Guitars, Banjo, Sitar, Vocals
*Bo Born - Organ, Piano, Vocals
*Wolfgang Graf - Bass
*Pit Troja - Percussion, Vocals 
*Eberhard Wilhelm - Drums, Vocals
*Micheal Hodjera - Electric Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
*Thor Baldurson - Piano
*Dieter Bauer - Bass
*Frank Baum - Pedal Steel Guitar
*Wolfgang Grude - Flute, Alto, Tenor Saxophones
*Bertl - Backing Vocals

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