Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Grinderswitch - Have Band Will Travel (1981 us, fine roots 'n' roll southern rock, 2010 reissue)

In late 70’s Grinderswitch’s record sales suffered and they finally broke up in 1982 after releasing 5 albums between 1974 and 1982. There is also 1977 recorded unreleased album under the name “Chasing Wild Desires”, that hopefully sees release in the future.

After Grinderswitch, Dru Lombar formed Dr. Hector and The Groove Injectors in 1986 and released five albums. Larry Howard has also recorded several albums under his own name.

In 2004 Dru Lombar put Grinderswitch back together with new members Wally Condon on drums, Eddie Stone (from Doc Holliday fame) on keyboards , Jack Corcaran on guitar and  Steve Miller on bass. They released new album “Ghost Train From Georgia” in 2005, but Dru Lombar’s death in September 2005 put Grinderswitch back to rest for good.
1. One Hour Into Sunday (June Black) - 3:10
2. Real Good Sign (Dru Lombar) - 3:11
3. The Warm Kind (Stephen Miller) - 3:46
4. Ashes And Stone (David Anderson, Owen Davis) - 4:42
5. Golden Minutes (Stephen Miller) - 3:49
6. Lady Luck (Dru Lombar) - 3:25
7. Open Road (Dru Lombar, Joe Dan Petty, Larry Howard, Rick Burnett, Stephen Miller) - 3:12
8. The Fever (Dru Lombar) - 4:08
9. Bound And Determined (Dru Lombar, Stephen Miller) - 3:17

*Joe Dan Petty - Vocals, Bass
*Stephen Miller - Keyboards, Vocals
*Rick Burnett - Drums
*Dru Lombar - Guitar, Vocals
*Austin Pettit - Guitar, Vocals
*Bonnie Bramlett - Backup Vocals
*Brett Rowan - Acoustc Guitar
*Muscle Shoals Horns - Horns