Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Jeremiah - Jeremiah (1971 us, excellent power pop soft psych rock)

"Jeremiah" is an obscure set of McCartneyesque power-pop written and performed, for the most part, by David Brown. Other members include Seiwell and Spinosa, i.e., Spinozza, who were members of Wings. Bassist Karl Jarvi and lead guitarist Pat Walters had played in a number of North Carolina-based outfits including The Barons and the Paragons. Jarvi had also been in The New Mix with singer/guitarist David Brown. Seiwell, as mentioned, recorded a couple of albums with Paul McCartney and Wings. This is a nicely crafted album. For what it's worth, front-man Brown recorded a follow-up album "I Want To Be with You" in 1972.
1. Somewhere Someone - 3:24
2. Hey Now Baby - 3:40
3. Patience - 3:20
4. Sweet Rebecca - 3:48
5. Hey Baby Don't You Cry - 2:13
6. I Saw Your Picture In The Paper - 3:04
7. The Lady Lives With Me - 2:34
8. David Blue - 2:44
9. Roll It Over - 2:49
10.Lady Ellen - 2:08
11.So Many Ways - 3:01
All songs by David Brown

*David Brown - Guitar, Piano, Lead Vocals
*Stuart Scharff - Acoustic Guitar
*Karl Jarvi - Bass 
*Russel George - Bass 
*Eddie Trabanco - Drums
*Denny Seiwell - Drums, Percussion
*Dave Spinosa - Lead Guitar
*Pat Walters - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Al Rosica - Piano 
*Kenny Asher - Piano