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Sandy Coast - A 'n' B Sides And More / The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music (1965-88 holland, fine blend of beat psych and classic rock, 2015 double disc digi pak edition)

Formed in 1961 in Voorburg as the Sandy Coast Skiffle Group, they had the following names: the Sandy Coast Five, Sandy Coast Rockers and, finally, Sandy Coast.  Thanks to the Hitwezen magazine-organised talent search, they were awarded a record contract with Negram in 1965.   Featured members: Hans Vermeulen (vocals, guitar, keyboards), his brother Jan (bass and guitar), Jos de Jager (bass, 1964-67), Henk Smitskamp (bass, ex-Livin' Blues, from 1970 till 1971, to Shocking Blue), Onno Bevoort (drums, in 1970 temporarily replaced by Will Morkus, in 1974 to Water), Ron Westerbeek (vocals, guitar, keyboards, ex-Daddy's Act, to Water), Charles Kersbergen (guitar, until 1965) and Marianne Nobles (vocals, ex-solo, 1972).   In 1974, Sandy Coast disbanded; Hans formed Rainbow Train together with his brother Jan

Sandy Coast in 1965 took his first single on: Being in love. In 1966 , the group with his fourth single, the first Top 40 hit- to address. We'll meet again, a cover of Vera Lynn 's classic, was not higher than number 39 and the next she's sorry mine did not go beyond one week at number 40. That same year, Sandy Coast his television debut in the NCRV - program Twien . In 1967 and '68 were the hits and more slowly if Sandy Coast its first album, ... And Their particular record. In the spring of 1968 followed their biggest hit so far I see your face again.

That same year the band went along with the current music trend and changed the style of beat to psychedelic rock . Hans Vermeulen had a cold when he saw the number inzong Capital punishment, but that did not prevent it a success, both artistically and commercially. The album From the workshop was well received by critics. In 1969 Sandy Coast signed a contract with the British Page One Records . There they took three singles and album Shipwreck on, but that they do not equaled the success of From the workshop. When the bosses at Page One - Larry Page and Dick James - had a fight, kept the record label to exist. Sandy Coast two years therefore could not record long record. In this short time changed the composition of the group. In 1970 replaced Will Morkus Bevoort here, but Bevoort same year came back. The band was expanded to a quintet for some time, with Jan Vermeulen switched to rhythm guitar and Henk Smitskamp of Livin 'Blues bassist was. A year later, however Smitskamp Shocking Blue and Jan Vermeulen went back to play bass.

Ultimately bought Willem van Kooten the block and was a contract with Polydor signed. In 1971 scored his biggest hit since Sandy Coast True love that's a wonder that the third took place in the Top 40. By becoming the group finally broke through in Flanders . It came from the album Sandy Coast Just hit that after that a friend brought forth. In 1972 came the singles Just two little creatures and the top 10-hit Summer Train. In 1973 the group had his last hit with preliminary Blackboard jungle lady, from the disappointing album Stonewall. One year after this disappointing album, the group apart. The brothers founded the group Vermeulen Rainbow Train and Bevoort Westerbeek and started the band Water . Hans Vermeulen in the year 1970 much more successful as a producer and composer for other groups and artists. He wrote and produced including the first number-one hit for Anita Meyer : The alternative way. 

In 1988 Sandy Coast came back together for an album. In this comeback lacked Bevoort, which was replaced by Ton op ‘t Hof. The group here was completed by keyboardist Hans Jansen and guitarist Hans Hollestelle. were old songs that had been played back on the album Rendezvous. After this album Sandy Coast still occasionally performed together. Hans Vermeulen continued to produce and had the early 90s success with singer Ruth Jacott. But he also faced personal and financial problems. He divorced his wife Hilde (known under the stage name Dianne Marchal) and already had built a tax of a half million guilders. Thanks to his manager Peer Evers and an arrangement with the social fund of Buma/Stemra he could pay off his debts in four years, after which he emigrated to the mid-nineties the Thai island of Ko Samui. There he married the singer Thai Ato. he now he has to Ko Samui built a studio and will occasionally return to the Netherlands for performances.

On May 11, 1999 Jan Vermeulen died at the age of 54 from colon cancer. He was buried on 17 May and Anita Meyer and Jan Rietman Rainbow Train performed at his funeral.
Disc 1
1. Being In Love (Hans Vermeulen, Jan Vermeulen) - 2:12
2. I Want You For My Own (Hans Vermeulen, Jos de Jager) - 2:00
3. Subject Of My Thoughts (Jan Vermeulen) - 2:49
4. I'm A Fool - 2:34
5. That Girl Was Mine - 1:58
6. I Lost A Dream - 2:25
7. We'll Meet Again (R. Parker. H. Charles) - 2:25
8. Comin' Home - 2:16
9. Sorry She's Mine (Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane) - 2:45
10.Make Me Belong To You (Chip Taylor, Billy Vera) - 2:00
11.A Girl Like You (Ford) - 1:56
12.Sing Before Breakfast (Hans van Eijck) - 2:04
13.Milk And Tranquilisers (Samson Roamer) - 2:33
14.I'm Working My Way Back To You Babe (Sandy Linzer, Denny Randell) - 2:52
15.And Her Name Is... - 2:09
16.Anyway You Want Me - 2:14
17.I See Your Face Again - 1:57
18.Goodbye, Don't Cry - 2:31
19.Innocent Girl - 3:09
20.My Empty World (Hans Vermeulen, Jan Vermeulen) - 2:32
21.Pretty Clothes (Marian De Garriga) - 3:47
22.The Way I Feel About You (Marian De Garriga) - 3:20
23.Capital Punishment - 5:24
24.My Friend Abdullah (Hans Vermeulen, Jan Vermeulen) - 4:37
25.North Canadian Paradise - 4:03
26.Advice (Hans Vermeulen, Jan Vermeulen) - 3:20
27.Deep Down Down (Ron E. Westerbeek, Onno Bevoort) - 2:53
28.Back To The City - 2:50
All songs by Hans Vermeulen except where stated
Disc 2
1. Eleanor Rigby (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 3:16
2. In My Opinion - 2:08
3. True Love That's A Wonder - 3:08
4. If - 1:57
5. Just A Friend - 3:00
6. Sorry - 3:54
7. Just Two Little Creatures (Ron Westerbeek) - 3:22
8. What Kind Of Freedom (P. J. Vermeulen) - 3:08
9. Summertrain (Ron Westerbeek) - 3:23
10.A Place Near The Sea (P. J. Vermeulen) - 3:49
11.Blackboard Jungle Lady (Ron Westerbeek) - 3:15
12.Don't Get Me Wrong - 3:54
13.The Eyes Of Jenny - 4:25
14.It's My Time Now - 4:02
15.Hollywood (Hans Vermeulen, Ron Westerbeek) - 3:08
16.Yosemite Park (Ron Westerbeek, Hans Vermeulen) - 3:43
17.Rainy Days (Hans Vermeulen, Ron Westerbeek) - 3:42
18.Giles (Ron Westerbeek, E. M. Snijders) - 4:32
19.Sandy Coast with The Stylus Horns - Ophelia (J. R. Robertson) - 2:44
20.Blackboard Jungle Lady '88 () - 3:11
21.Medley: Subject Of My Thoughts / Summertrain / Just A Friend (Live) (Jan Vermeulen, Ron Westerbeek, Hans Vermeulen) - 5:08
All songs by Hans Vermeulen except where indicated
The Sandy Coast
*Hans Vermeulen - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
*Onno Bevoort - Drums (1961-70, 1970-74, 1980-82)
*Jan Vermeulen - Bass, Guitar (1964-74, 1980-82, 1988)
*Ron Westerbeek - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (1968-74, 1980-82, 1988)
*Charles Kersbergen - Guitar (1965)
*Jos De Jager - Bass (1964-67)
*Henk Smitskamp - Bass (1970-71)
*Will Morkus - Drums (1970)
*Marianne Nobles - Vocals (1972)

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