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Christie - Christie (1970 uk, marvelous classic rock, 2005 digipak remaster and expanded)

Christie was a UK band built around singer-songwriter Jeff Christie, and fleshed out with drummer Mike Blakely, and Blakely’s former Acid Gallery bandmate Vic Elmes on guitar. The band’s one brush with fame was their first single, “Yellow River,” which reached #23 in the U.S., supported an album that sold well, and produced three separate videos (see below!). 

The follow-up single, the country-tinged “San Bernadino,” scraped its way to #100, keeping the band (technically, at least) from being labeled a one-hit wonder. The album stretches out on the pop-inflections the band found in Creedence Clearwater Revival’s roots sound, and though they didn't manage any more chart singles, neither did they load up on filler. With a lucky break, or better promotion from their U.S. label, the band could easily have been remembered for more than “Yellow River.” If you like early ’70s country-rock from Gallery, the Stampeders, as well as their more famous peers, you should check this out. This 21-track  reissue expands upon this straight up digital reissue of the album’s original thirteen tracks.
1. Yellow River - 2:46
2. Gotta Be Free - 3:11
3. I've Got A Feeling - 2:49
4. New York City (Mike Blakley, Vic Elmes) - 3:07
5. Inside Looking Out - 2:42
6. Put Your Money Down - 2:43
7. Down The Mississippi Line - 2:52
8. San Bernadino - 3:12
9. Country Boy - 2:38
10.Johnny One Time - 3:25
11.Coming Home Tonight - 2:58
12.Here I Am - 2:37
13.Until The Dawn - 2:39
14.Everything's Gonna Be Alright - 2:37
15.Freewheelin' Man - 2:54
16.Inside Looking Out (Single B-side Version) - 2:42
17.Iron Horse - 2:52
18.Every Now And Then (Vic Elmes) - 3:19
19.Fools Gold - 3:10
20.California Sunshine (Lem Lubin) - 3:06
21.Born To Lose (Vic Elmes) - 2:47
All songs by Jeff Christie except where stated
Bonus Tracks 14-21

The Christie
*Jeff Christie - Bass, Vocals
*Vic Elmes - Guitar, Vocals
*MIke Blakley - Drums
*Lem Lubin - Bass
*Paul Fenton - Guitar
*Danny Krieger - Guitar

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