Sunday, January 10, 2021

New Colony Six - Treat Her Groovy (1968-69 beautiful sunny baroque beat, 2005 remaster)

Originally from Chicago, the members of New Colony Six had moved to California where, before their discovery, they lived in the same apartment building as Paul Revere & the Raiders. Though it's not obvious from the cover, this 22-track CD compilation is basically a reissue of the New Colony Six's third and fourth LPs (1968's Revelations and 1969's Attacking a Straw Man), presenting the albums one after the other with their original track sequences. This was the era in which the Chicago band, which started off with a rawer garage pop sound, softened its approach considerably and found some modest national commercial success.

Those who swear by the group's earlier work (particularly the excellent 1966 debut, Breakthrough) are likely to be disappointed by the far more mainstream harmony pop/rock of these records, though on the other hand, fans of groups like the Association might favor this era more than the previous one. Including the hits "I Will Always Think About You," "Can't You See Me Cry," "Things I'd Like to Say," "I Want You to Know," "Barbara, I Love You," and "I Could Never Lie to You," it's on the mild and indistinctive side of the style, sometimes incorporating light orchestration and brass, and making an unlikely venture into country on "Just Feel Worse." 

On Revelations, there's perhaps a slightly brasher, less slickly produced feel than numerous somewhat similar California sunshine pop acts had, as well as a greater British Invasion influence, though the baroque touches common to much late-'60s baroque rock are present. The British rock elements recede and jazzier ones (especially "Ride the Wicked Wind") rise more to the fore on the more middle-of-the-road Attacking a Straw Man, concluding with the maudlin recitation "Prairie Grey." 
by Richie Unterberger
1. I Will Always Think About You (Ronnie Rice) - 2:26
2. Dandy Handy Man (Gerry Van Kollenburg , Ray Graffia) - 2:23
3. Girl Unsigned (Gerry Van Kollenburg , Ray Graffia) - 2:07
4. Treat Her Groovy (Ronnie Rice) - 2:17
5. Summertime's Another Name For Love (Pat McBride) - 2:33
6. Just Feel Worse (Gerry Van Kollenburg , Pat McBride) - 1:50
7. Can't You See Me Cry (Gerry Van Kollenburg , Ray Graffia) - 2:38
8. We Will Love Again (Gerry Van Kollenburg , Pat McBride) - 2:04
9. Things I'd Like To Say (Les Kummel, Ronnie Rice) - 2:23
10.Hold Me With Your Eyes (Gerry Van Kollenburg , Ray Graffia) - 2:24
11.You Know Better (Dave Robbins, Pat McBride) - 2:11
12.Barbara, I Love You (Billy Herman, Chuck Jobes., Les Kummel) - 2:46
13.Free (Billy Herman, Chuck Jobes) - 2:11
14.Love, That's The Best I Can Do (Chuck Jobes) - 2:04
15.Come And Give Your Love To Me (Chuck Jobes., Gerry Van Kollenburg , Ray Graffia) - 2:07
16.I Could Never Lie To You (Pat McBride, Ronnie Rice) - 2:44
17.Ride A Wicked Wind (Billy Herman, Chuck Jobes) - 2:46
18.I Want You To Know (Les Kummel) - 2:40
19.Sun Within You (Gerry Van Kollenburg , Ray Graffia) - 2:44
20.Blue Eyes (Ronnie Rice) - 1:43
21.Come Away With You (Chuck Jobes., Ray Graffia) - 2:41
22.Prairie Grey (Billy Herman, Chuck Jobes) - 2:42

*Ray Graffia - Tambourine, Vocals
*Chick James - Drums
*Pat McBride - Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals 
*Craig Kemp - Organ 
*Wally Kemp - Bass 
*Gerry Van Kollenburg - Guitar, Vocals 
*Ronnie Rice - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
*Ellery Temple - Bass 
*Les Kummel - Bass 
*Billy Herman - Vocals, Drums 
*Chuck Jobes - Harpsichord, Keyboards, Organ, Piano