Thursday, July 28, 2016

Little Feat - Little Feat (1971 us, amazing country rock r 'n' b, 2007 japan remaster)

Drop any preconceived notions you may have about this band and get this debut record. It’s a unique sound in their discography. A bluesy, roots rocker masterpiece with the loose feel of Exile on Main Street and the all around good presence of Manassas.

Formed under the wake of Frank Zappa, and even including former Mother, Roy Estrada on bass, Little Feat would go on, after their poorly selling debut record, to release albums with a different sound, featuring iconic sleeves by Weasels Ripped My Flesh artist Neon Park. I think it’s impossible to flip through a stack of used vinyl without finding that lady duck on the cover of Down on the Farm. Later Little Feat has its place, but we recommend this beast.

Some gems: there’s the beautiful, stripped-down Willin’, the song Zappa supposedly fired Lowell George over (either because it was too damn good for a session man or because it championed “weed, whites, and wine”). This song would be re-recorded by a later incarnation of Little Feat and become one of their most loved songs. A ripping Howlin’ Wolf tribute medley in Forty-Four Blues / How Many More Years is a nice feature. The album is great for a first listen because it just fills up the room with rock, but it is truly better as you delve in and listen more.
by Brendan McGrath
1. Snakes On Everything (Bill Payne) - 3:03
2. Strawberry Flats (Bill Payne, Lowell George) - 2:23
3. Truck Stop Girl (Bill Payne, Lowell George) - 2:31
4. Brides Of Jesus (Bill Payne, Lowell George) - 3:22
5. Willing (Lowell George) - 2:24
6. Hamburger Midnight (Lowell George, Roy Estrada) - 2:32
7. Forty Four Blues / How Many More Years (Roosevelt Sykes, Chester Burnett) - 6:28
8. Crack In Your Door (Lowell George) - 2:18
9. I've Been The One (Lowell George) - 2:23
10.Takin' My Time (Bill Payne) - 3:48
11.Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie (Bill Payne, Lowell George) - 1:56

Little Feat
*Lowell George - Lead, Rhythm, Slide Guitars, Lead, Backing Vocals, Harmonica
*Bill Payne - Keyboards, Lead, Backing Vocals, Piano
*Roy Estrada - Bass, Backing Vocals
*Richard Hayward - Drums, Backing Vocals
Additional Musicians
*Russ Titelman - Percussion, Backing Vocals, Piano
*Ry Cooder - Slide Guitar
*Sneaky Pete Kleinow - Pedal Steel
*Kirby Johnson - String, Horn Arrangements

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