Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Hustler - Play Loud (1975 uk, tough boogie hard 'n' roll, 2002 reissue)

This second album by Hustler was immediately recorded following a series of grueling continental tours. As opening act for some of Britain’s popular names (like Queen), Hustler was forced to edit, redefine, alter, amplify and sophisticate its particular brand of Rock ‘n’ Roll to Grab an audience.

That Grab is at the heart of “Play Loud”, and it’s omnipresent on several of the band’s raver/boogie cuts including “Money Maker”, “Who D’Yer Think Yer Foolin’”, and “Little People”. Also on the straight rock ‘n’ rollers (with the tip of the hat to the Free school), “You Had It Coming To You”, and the incredible “Night Creeper”, which features the dynamic vocals of Steve Haynes, and searing guitar work of Micky Llewellyn.
1. Money Maker (Steve Haynes) - 3:38
2. You Had It Coming To You (Micky Llewellyn, Steve Haynes) - 3:56
3. Boogie Man (Steve Haynes, Tigger Lyons) - 4:47
4. Break Of Day (Steve Haynes, Tigger Lyons) - 3:58
5. Who D’Yer Think Yer Foolin’ (Micky Llewellyn, Steve Haynes) - 2:41
6. Goin’ Home (Micky Llewellyn, Steve Haynes) - 3:01
7. Strange Love (Steve Haynes, Tigger Lyons) - 4:21
8. Little People (Micky Llewellyn, Tigger Lyons) - 3:46
9. Night Creeper (Hidden Track) (Steve Haynes) - 6:45

*Steve Haynes – Lead Vocals
*Micky Llewellyn – Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica
*Tigger Lyons – Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Henry Spinetti – Drums, Percussion
*Kenny Daughters – Keyboards, Birdwhistle
*Roy T. Baker - Castenettes