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Rare Earth - Willie Remembers (1972 us, exceptional groovy classic rock, 2017 audiophile remaster)

Rare Earth's “Willie Remembers” (again co-produced by Baird and the band) hit the charts on 25 November 1972, peaking at a disappointing #90 while charting for 20 weeks.  Michael Urso (bass and vocals) replaced original member John Persh.  For the first time, the band put out an album of almost entirely original material.  Unfortunately, the album did not sell, despite having many good moments.  The album had two singles “Good Time Sally” and “We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time” but neither sold well, topping out at #67 and #93 respectively.  

The band’s fortunes were fading.  Fortunately for collectors both single edits are included on “Anthology” and serve notice that although the band’s singles were no longer top 10 or even top 20 smashes, they were certainly worthy efforts.  But the times had changed.  Music headed in a more progressive direction, and the band’s brand of psychedelic rhythm and blues turned breezy, good time music waned in favor. Motown thought it was ‘too white’ and refused to promote it. 
by Kevin Rathert
1. Good Time Sally (Tom Baird) - 2:53
2. Every Now And Then We Get To Go On Down To Miami (Dino Fekaris, Nick Zesses) - 3:11
3. Think Of The Children (Ray Monette, Mark Olson, Pete Rivera) - 5:36
4. Gotta Get Myself Back Home - 3:02
5. Come With Your Lady - 5:47
6. Would You Like To Come Along - 2:48
7. We're Gonna Have A Good Time - 3:25
8. I Couldn't Believe What Happened Last Night - 12:29
All sons by Gil Bridges, Eddie Guzman, Ray Monette, Mark Olson, Pete Rivera except where noted

Rare Earth
*Pete Hoorelbeke – Drums, Percussion, Lead Vocal
*Gil Bridges – Woodwinds, Percussion, Vocal
*Mike Urso – Bass Guitar, Vocal
*Ray Monette – Lead Guitar
*Mark Olson – Keyboard, Vocal
*Ed Guzman – Congas, Percussion

1968  Dreams/Answers (2017 audiophile remaster)
1969-74  Fill Your Head (three cds box set, five studio albums plus outtakes and alternative versions)
1971  One World  (2015 audiophile remaster)
1971  In Concert (2017 Audiophile) 
1974  Live In Chicago (2014 audiophile remaster)
1976/78  Midnight Lady / Band Together (2017 digipak remaster)
1975/77 Rare Earth - Back To Earth / Rare Earth (2006 remaster)

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