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Sparrow - Hatching Out (1972 uk, charming varied styles pop folk rock)

Sparrow's Hatching Out is this English group's first album, filled with their very own blend of easy rock.... Sparrow's tight vocal harmonies weave in and around their music, which ranges from the hard, driving sound of "Roller Coaster" to the soft tenderness of "Dream Song" - and touches everything in between.

There's no pretense in Sparrow; the music is honest, and the music is good. Sparrow is also unlike anything you've heard before. Expect to hear a lot of them....
Original LP Liner Notes

Elaine Paige made a career as singer actress and radio producer, she played roles in various musicals, including Jesus Christ Superstar, Nuts, Grease (she played the lead role of Sandy from 1973 to 1974). Diane Langton began her career as a dancer, also as a popular theatre actress and singer.

Mickey Keen singer songwriter guitarist, who first appears in music, sometime in mid sixties "In Ministry Of Sound", he was part of "Division Two", a band with superb musicians such as Clem Cattini, Mike O'Neill, they became the backing band for The Ivy League. Keen also worked as additional musician for Hudson and Ford releases "Nickelodeon" and "Free spirit" also for Alex Harvey, Ashman-Reynolds, Larry Norman and Maggie Bell among others.
1. I'm Coming Back - 2:36
2. Well I Can Tell You - 4:02
3. Don't Ask Me - 3:33
4. Nightmare - 3:42
5. Many Things Are Clear - 3:03
6. Roller Coaster - 5:56
7. Dream Song - 2:47
8. Round And Round - 5:13
9. Break My Heart Again - 3:15
10.Rainsun Song - 3:31
11.Hiawatha - 2:55
12.Hello, Goodbye - 2:51
All songs by Elaine Paige, Diane Langton, Johathan Bergman, Mickey Keen except tracks 5 and 10, co-ritten with Rodney Wyatt.

*Elaine Paige - Vocals 
*Diane Langton - Vocals 
*Johathan Bergman - Percussion, Vocals 
*Mickey Keen - Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
*Pete Kelly - Keyboards
*Larry Steele - Bass
*Pete Woolf - Drums, Percussion
*Liz White - Back Up Vocals
*Ken Lewis - Back Up Vocals 
*Helen Chappel - Back Up Vocals
*Bill Shepherd - String Arrangements
*Derek Wadsworth - Brass Arrangements

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