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P.F. Sloan - Raised On Records (1972 us, wonderful folk rock)

Take a moment to consider a number of the songs written or co-written by Philip "P.F." Sloan: "Secret Agent Man," "Eve of Destruction," "Let Me Be," "Where Were You When I Needed You," "You Baby," "A Must to Avoid," "Another Day, Another Heartache."  Yet the songwriter, who died on November 15 at the age of 70, may be best known for the bittersweet, elegiac ode penned by his colleague and admirer, Jimmy Webb.  "I have been seeking P.F. Sloan," Webb's song begins.  "But no one knows where he has gone..."
by Joe Marchese

Raised on Records was a reflection of its times, with P.F. Sloan entering a mellower singer/songwriter phase, in tune with trends of the early 1970s. It almost seems as if Sloan has been influenced by James Taylor, and to a much lesser extent other low-key performers of the ilk like Cat Stevens - not nearly so much in his songwriting as in the laidback production. Sloan's underrated singing is good, and his writing is fair. By most singer/songwriter contrasts, this would be considered a respectable release.
by Richie Unterberger
1. Let Me Be - 2:47
2. The Way You Want It To Be - 4:05
3. The Night The Trains Broke Down - 4:19
4. The Moon Is Stone - 4:13
5. Raised On Records - 4:09
6. Springtime - 4:34
7. Como - 3:11
8. Sins Of A Family - 3:35
9. Turn On The Light - 3:03
10.Midnight Girl - 2:52
11.Somebody's Watching You - 4:16
Music and Lyrics by P.F. Sloan 

*P.F. Sloan - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
*John Barbata - Drums
*James Barton - Dobro
*John Baylor - Vocals
*Barry Beckett - Organ
*Ben Benay - Banjo, Guitars, Ukulele
*Richard Bennett - Steel Guitar 
*Hal Blaine - Drums
*Phyllis Brown - Vocals
*James Burton - Dobro
*Conte Candoli - Trumpet
*Evangeline Carmichael - Vocals
*Duane Eddy - Guitar
*Alan Estes - Congas
*Chris Ethridge - Bass
*Loren Farber - Vocals
*Mitch Gordon - Vocals
*Bobbye Hall - Percussion
*Ron Hicklin - Vocals
*Jim Horn - Flute, Tenor Saxophone
*Dick Hyde - Trombone
*Jackie Kelso - Guitar, Baritone Sax, Wind
*Larry Knechtel - Piano, Electric Piano 
*Robert Krantz - Violin
*Ida McCune - Vocals
*Mike Melvoin - Bass
*Mike Metzion - Bass
*Ollie Mitchell - Trumpet
*Michael Omartian - Accordion, Keyboards, Organ, Electric Piano 
*Joe Osborn - Bass, Drums
*Wayne Perkins - Guitar, Keyboards, Piano
*Sid Sharp - Strings
*Sally Stevens - Vocals
*Tony Terran - Trumpet
*Tata Vega - Vocals

1968  P.F. Sloan ‎- Measure Of Pleasure (2006 issue)