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Heads Hands And Feet - Home From Home "The Missing Album" (1968 uk, wonderful mix of country folk roots funk rock, 2009 remaster)

Heads, Hands and Feet operated in that unique post-Sgt Pepper late 60s era when The Beatles had opened doors for bands to pass through and explore a new artistic freedom. This, HH&F’s first album from 1968, mixes any number of American influences – country, funk, soul and more – in carefree fashion. It’s little wonder that singer and mainman Tony Colton ended up in Nashville as a songwriter.

They had Albert Lee, still one of our top guitarists, in their ranks, but this album was fated to remain unreleased when the line-up changed and Colton insisted on starting again from scratch – a decision he now regrets. The band’s three released LPs are hard to get hold of in either vinyl or digital form, so it’s good to have this little-known effort, briefly available on See For Miles in the mid-90s, back on the racks.

Quality tracks such as the Santana-esque opener Bringing It All On My Own Head and the countrified Friend Of A Friend show it certainly wasn’t shelved through quality considerations.

Home From Home should find a ready market in fans of the band and/or the evergreen Albert, who – it needs hardly be said – shines throughout.
by Michael Heatley, 27 June 2009
1. Bringing It All On My Own Head - 4:37
2. Ain't Gonna Let It Get Me Down - 2:42
3. How Does It Feel To Be Right All The Time - 4:13
4. Achmed (Tony Colton, Raymond Barry Smith, Pat Donaldson) - 2:27
5. Precious Stone - 4:20
6. Friend Of A Friend - 2:02
7. Windy And Warm (Tony Colton, Raymond Barry Smith, Pat Donaldson) - 4:33
8. Who Turned Off The Dark - 3:45
9. Can You See Me (Tony Colton, Raymond Barry Smith, Pat Donaldson) - 3:29
10.Home From Home - 5:44
11.Make Me Feel Much Better - 1:34
All songs by Tony Colton, Raymond Barry Smith except where stated

Heads Hands And Feet
*Tony Colton  - Lead Vocals
*Raymond Barry Smith - Guitar, Vocals
*Mike O'Neill  - Keyboards, Vocals
*Albert Lee  - Guitar, Vocals
*Pete Gavin  - Drums, Percussion
*Pat Donaldson  - Bass, Vocals
*Jerry Donahue - Guitar, Vocals 
*Ray Smith - Guitar, Vocals 
*BJ Cole - Steel Guitar
*Speedy Acquaye - Percussion
*The Band Street Midnight Choir - Vocals

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