Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Avalanche - Perseverance Kills Our Game (1979 holland, essential electric folk jazz rock, 2014 remaster)

Dutch band Avalanche formed in the early '70s and recorded Perseverance Kills Our Game, their only album, in 1979, completed in just a day,recorded essentially live and unedited and released as a private edition of 500 copies. The group’s sound had been gestating since the early 70s where, in truth, it remained: mellow electric folk-rock with period flute, piano, a decent jazzy rhythm section – and all instrumental recordings, bar one vocal track. Standout musician is guitarist Daan Slaman, who saves the best till last: the 11-minute Oblivion, on which, after a gentle acoustic guitar/flute intro, the slow-burning album finally ignites in a compelling, fluid, sustained guitar crescendo that’s more Dave Gilmore than Richard Thompson. Enjoyable and highly engaging.
by Mick Houghton 
1. Lodalientje - 3:55
2. Cola-Tik - 2:47
3. Hymn On Wind And Water - 5:17
4. Maiden Voyage - 6:56
5. Gimmick For 20 Fingers - 1:18
6. Transcendence For Leo) - 7:11
7. Images Of Long Gone By - 2:29
8. Oblivion - 11:14
All compositions by Avalanche, Track #4 Lyrics by Fred Dekker

*Rob Dekker - Keyboards
*Daan Slaman - Guitar
*Jan Blom - Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass
*Marcella Neeleman - Flute
*Fred Dekker - Bass Guitar
*Johan Spek - Drums

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